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Luke Kingma
Copywriter, traveler, photographer, writer and professional beer glass stealer.
Copywriter, traveler, photographer, writer and professional beer glass stealer.

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Check out my article on Big Fuel's Content to Commerce blog... "Life After Airplane Mode (To Be, or Not To Be Social?)


Just got my Iron & Wine / The Low Anthem tickets. So excited!

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If you want to make your day 3-4 times better than it already is, play through my mix on Spotify!

Spotify is going to make me a much, much less social person. Can't wait.

Taking it back to 1998 today. Now playing American Football - American Football

Can't be signed into two gmail accounts in the same browser simultaneously anymore, which means I can't use Google+ while I'm signed into my work e-mail. Great idea, Google. Make it harder to use your new social network.

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The most important deal in the history of online offers. If you live in New York and don't buy this, then you are so stupid.!details/19c59f83035fe282/GRPLQUTDU8QH8MAP

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Monday Afternoon Photo: "Dog Plays in Water at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia"

To all those who told me it was impossible to read all the Harry Potter books in under 2 weeks, I am halfway through book 6 and I still have 4 days. I've probably lost more friends than I can count to my solitude, but I will prove you wrong.

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One of the best songs you'll ever hear.
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