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STM32CubeF4 gcc makefile example for FreeRTOS
Following along from my earlier blog post STM32CubeF4 gcc makefile example , I modified the Makefile to work with one of the FreeRTOS examples included in the STM32CubeF4 (v1.13.0).

This particular example flashes some LEDs on the STM32F469 Discovery board...

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Bringing up MicroPython on the GHI Electronics G30 TH
I noticed that GHI Electronics makes a number of devices using the SM32F4 fmaily of processors, which also happens to be supported by MicroPython. The G30TH caught my eye, which is basically a breakout board for the STM32F401RET6 which has 512K of flash and...

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This is very cool, especially for command line geeks like me.
curl http://wttr\.in/Johannesburg
in nix shell gives you this

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Now I can use my other filament spools on my new printer.

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Raise3D N2 - Custom Spool Holder
The filament spools that came with my Raise3D printer are 200mm in diameter, 70mm thick, and have a central hole about 55mm in diameter. I happen to have alot of spools of PLA which are 162mm in diameter, 85mm thick, and has a central hole diameter of 31mm....

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Setting the date, time, and timezone on the Raise3D N2
This is a bit technical. If I glossed over something, feel free to ask questions. Hopefully the good folks at Raise3D will fix their firmware to allow the date/time/timezone information to be entered. I noticed when printing files from the sdcard or MMC car...

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Woot - Got my new Raise3D printer.
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