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Evan Broder

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Just got into Brussels for FOSDEM. Are you also in town for FOSDEM? We should catch up!
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Evan Broder

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Ugh, my desktop at work has been so unstable lately. I assume it's the fault of either ZFS On Linux or Nouveau, but I'm not really sure which.
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The daily builds are honestly quite stable from my experience with ZoL at home.
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Evan Broder

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I am compelled to open the page on every single character that +Fake Unicode Consortium features because as soon as they describe it, I am unable to imagine that it could ever have been anything else.
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Evan Broder

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I guess I can appreciate why people are worked up over the recent Ctrl-Alt-KP_Multiply default keybinding, but my first reaction is still, "Damn, I wish my X server had had that when I was playing around with keyboard and mouse grabs"
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hehe.. just like android exploits... to the good guys, they are useful and fun... to the bad guys they are a ticket to the promised land. sounds good for everyone. ;-)
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Evan Broder

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Now that +VMware has released a second version of VMware Player (and presumably VMware Workstation, but I haven't checked) for Linux that will cause guaranteed data loss and upgrade problems on Ubuntu, I think the time has come to shame them publicly for it.

Because of the way their installer was written, VMware's installer will reorder your shutdown sequence in a way that SKIPS SYNCING AND UNMOUNTING FILESYSTEMS. This is more or less guaranteed to cause data loss eventually.

How do you prevent this from breaking your system? VMware's installer is calling the insserv command, which should never be used on Ubuntu, so you can fool it by running `sudo dpkg-divert --local --rename /usr/sbin/insserv`, which will move it out of the way.

How can you tell if your machine has been screwed up by this? Look at the symlinks in /etc/rc6.d. If you see S40umountfs, S60umountroot, and S90reboot, you're fine. If you see S03umountfs, S03umountroot, and S03reboot, your machine is broken.

How do you recover if your system is broken? Here is the recommended fix:

mv /etc/rc6.d/S*reboot /etc/rc6.d/S90reboot
mv /etc/rc6.d/S*umountroot /etc/rc6.d/S60umountroot
mv /etc/rc6.d/S* /etc/rc6.d/
mv /etc/rc6.d/S*umountfs /etc/rc6.d/S40umountfs
mv /etc/rc6.d/S*sendsigs /etc/rc6.d/S20sendsigs
This bug manifests in subtle ways (for instance, I ran into it because my system wouldn't boot because D-Bus refused to start because the /var/run -> /run transition hadn't completed correctly when I upgraded to Oneiric), so if you use VMware Player/Workstation or have in the past used VMware Player/Workstation, you should check to make sure you're not affected.

Here's the bug where Ubuntu is tracking the issue:, but it's a little hard to correct on our side when VMware is blatantly ignoring the way software is supposed to integrate with the system.
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Thanks for the tip. I don't really care about hiding my employer - I'm very proud of the work I do there; I just didn't expect that to be the only piece of profile information that shows when I hover over myself.
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