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Martin Brown - Writer around the world
Martin Brown - Writer around the world

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Blobfish were voted the ugliest animal in the world a couple of years ago. Can you imagine the humiliation that they feel at this insult to their species? Do we really want to judge things on their physical beauty? I think not (sometimes) and so I have written a homage to the humble blobfish. You can find it here!

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It can be pretty complicated living abroad. As a British expat living in Madrid for 7 years, I had lots of 'interesting experiences' and made a lot of observations that I've been pleased to share with @Bristoleños and their amazing community of #Spaniards living in the UK. #espanolesenUK
Do you have a great story to tell about your expat experience in the UK? Would love to hear from you. #SpainisSpain #writer

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Any volunteers out there who would like to read my book before this is going life? I would love to get your feedback <3

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Dear friends,
I want to remind you that this month, December 2016, is very special. It includes festivities such as Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza but, perhaps even more importantly than these great holidays, December 2016 is the month when my Spanish website launches. And, as if that isn’t enough, you may now buy FIVE of my books on the website or on Amazon. All of them make wonderful presents, especially presents for yourself!
Have a wonderful season!

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The story behind an indie author.
This was like music to Andy’s ears. It meant that he had been able to frustrate, anger or provoke someone to such a degree that they lost the ability to argue rationally and simply resorted to Neanderthal behaviour.
#indieauthor #bilingualbooks #humour #childrensbooks #selfpusblishing

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Children and Poetry go together so well!
Discover why I decided to self-publish these Amazing Animals series. What do you think about my new project? #bilingual #bilingualbooks #spanish #english #kidsstories #childrensbooks

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Your poetry of sadness
Always made me feel alive.
#poem #poetry #LeonardCohen by @MartinBWriter

Thank you +Spillwords Press for publishing this

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Just another day or two before my new book, Alan the Alien, takes the world by storm!

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"Marvin the magic pillow was born in a time when pillows had more importance in the world. "
My Children's bilingual story books.
#LearnSpanish #LearnEnglish #bilingualbooks
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