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Dear Motorola,

I realize that I am just one guy, in one market, on one carrier, who only wants to buy one or maybe even two phones within the next couple of weeks. There's not a big reason to care about me when considering much of anything on the scale in which you do business. 


It would probably be in your best interest to announce availability and pre-orders for the New Moto X today . Maybe tomorrow, if you're feelin' extra bold about things. There's this other guy who is making a phone that, while I'm not 100% convinced I want because 5.5-inch screens aren't really my style, I'd be willing to put down money for to pre-order this Friday and give it a shot.

Just a suggestion. You probably won't even see this. Carry on. 

Love, Chuckles. 

+Punit Soni Any word on more Moto X variants receiving 4.4.3?

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