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Eboseta Christine
"Be the dopest you around!"
"Be the dopest you around!"

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Yes. "Work harder than the rest.”

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#Furious7 | What I've been working hard to accomplish for two months with a team as interim editor-in-chief. Learned a lot. #Blessed   

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I mean. What's realer than this?
Because it's so cold that I can't. I'm unable to can. My CAN is frozen. Also in hoodie. Comes in Black, Red and Navy.

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Owens Valley & Eastern Sierra from the White Mountains

The elevation here is around 12,000 feet in the Ancient Bristlecone Pines we visited all morning. Now the road trip is over.  We have to get down off these mountains and home to San Francisco, about an 8 hour drive.

Just past these rocks we came upon a 4-wheel drive road that the Jeep handled perfectly straight down into Bishop, CA where we found a nice BBQ lunch.

This HDR Photo

Even though we were hurrying to get off the mountain, I still used a tripod for some grab shots on the way down. In hard to get to places, like this, it just feels like the right thing to do.   Three bracketed shots ( -2, 0, +2) covered the dynamic range just fine and processing is in Lightroom using the Perfect HDR Workflow and Topaz Glow.


11.12.13. Ha! ^_^

12.12.12. Ha! ^_^
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