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Pam Gabriel
Crocheter, Writer, Night Owl and Tarot Enthusiast.
Crocheter, Writer, Night Owl and Tarot Enthusiast.

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Now that some of the smoke has cleared, enough things have lined up, and I felt an overwhelming need to talk about/express some feelings about that time I tried to kill myself in 2006. As it turns out, suicide attempts stay with you for longer than you anticipated. 

(I have never publicly talked about this, in fact, I have mentioned it to maybe half a dozen people total, so...there's that.)

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Weight loss is so much weirder than you would think. Nothing fits, not even your underwear, and I constantly forget that I am smaller than I used to be so I try to wear clothes and sizes that I haven't fit in for months, but my brain just hasn't caught up with that fact. 

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Just a random semi-uninspired rant, because I felt like writing this morning. Also, I haven't updated this thing in about 11 months, so huzzah.

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OH MAH LAWD. This shirt. I want 7 of them so I can wear it ALWAYS.

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I love this human being.
Oh my, Patrick Stewart. This needs a caption.

Hah. Put off the 1st day of NaNoWriMo until about 10 PM...still managed to crank out 1,708 words in about an hour, and I'm feeling good about them, too. I'm glad I decided to go for it again this year. #nanowrimo   #nanowrimo2013   #perseverance  

Being in a martial art is amazing. Had a long chat with my instructor after class tonight about philosophy and martial arts and people and honesty and self-expression It's beautiful to be in a place and a school where I can not only learn, but thrive as a HUMAN BEING. We talked for almost an hour, and I felt I still had so much to say. Luckily, martial arts is such an effective way to express myself that I know I can come in again this week and say more in an hour of kicking than I could in 10 hours of talking, especially since I have a tendency to not be a very effective 'word person'. I am so fortunate to have an outlet for my feelings that doesn't necessarily need articulation, but simply needs heart and soul (of which I have plenty). What an incredibly lucky human being I am.   #minnesotakaligroup   

Trying to crochet a cat and a shirt before November 1st. Why do I do this to myself?

Moving so slow today. #3dayweekend  

BIG NEWS, YOU GUYS. Tomorrow, I get to SPAR for the first time in 11 YEARS. Sparring was one of my favorite things in the world, and I can not wait for tomorrow. Kali is changing my life and I love her for it.
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