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Holly DeMuro
Product Manager, Product Marketing, Content Strategist, and Operations Director
Product Manager, Product Marketing, Content Strategist, and Operations Director
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Terrible experience at #sunbornlondon. Do not recommend this hotel!!!!

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Goodbye and Good Riddance Verizon
I have been with Verizon for a very long time. And, the prices got higher and higher. Eventually, they stopped offering a free phone with contract renewal. After that, there was nothing keeping me with Verizon (certainly not their BOGUS rewards program)...e...

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Traveling on Business... Alone
If you have read my blog before you know that I am loving my travel to Europe for business. I am in London again and having a ball (for the most on)! I love London and will have much more to share soon... but before I share all the details and p...

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Holly DeMuro, Product Marketing Manager, will be presenting "Capturing the Voice of the Customer in a Multichannel World" at IIeX in Atlanta!

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Trip to Italy - Florence
Oh, Florence! What a wonderful place. The birth of the Renaissance. For anyone who loves art, Florence is the place to go. Florence was actually our first home in Italy and every second was lovely. On the first day, we walked around aimlessly seeing the sit...

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Trip to Italy - Rome
I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved Rome. Rome almost seemed like a dream. The ancient buildings, stone streets, the archaeological wonders at every turn - it was heaven. We stayed in an apartment on Via Del Governo Vecchio in the historic cent...

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Trip to Italy - Naples
While in Italy we spent part of a day in Naples. I cannot say I was impressed by the city itself. There were a couple of things of interest, but otherwise the city was just any city. So, here I will only focus on the things I thought were interesting. As I ...

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Trip to Italy - Pompeii
Having a strong interest in ancient history, I cheated the system in high school - choosing to take Latin as my foreign language. I basically got a second history class each day under the guise of a foreign language :). Though I cannot speak to any living p...

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Trip to Italy - Tours
Initially, I didn't plan on booking tours
but the more I researched the more I realized that we’d miss too much without
guides and this trip was important to me. So, I broke down and arranged for
guides for a few key points. In taking the tours then compari...
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