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J.T White
I am a single woman. I wanting to be found by the man of my choice. I am creating this blog so that others can follow me on my journey to open my social abilities and witty ways to hopefully get a date... A man that is attractive, some level of intelligence or atleast interesting enough without video games, charming but eager to live life, not afraid of adventure but protective. I have not dated in years and maybe Im just on a short circit but it just cannot be that hard to experience real love. So follow me as I let you in on alil part of my crazy life.
I am a single woman. I wanting to be found by the man of my choice. I am creating this blog so that others can follow me on my journey to open my social abilities and witty ways to hopefully get a date... A man that is attractive, some level of intelligence or atleast interesting enough without video games, charming but eager to live life, not afraid of adventure but protective. I have not dated in years and maybe Im just on a short circit but it just cannot be that hard to experience real love. So follow me as I let you in on alil part of my crazy life.

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Experiement Love 101 ( Black People Meet ) entry 13.. This is a shame.. but funny too.. this guy apparently lied to a woman he i engaged too and look at what she sent me.. This is too reaL for me..

Subject: Hi
1:14 PM on 12/14/2012
Michael frm jersey told me u like him pls honey stop hes engaged to me n hes on bpm only fr free sex. Pls go find yoursel another man bcz this one is TAKEN.

Love Experiment 101 ( Black People Meet) Entry 12. Now see why???? Lord have mercy.. Just read and see why i find it hard to take men seriously on this darn site.. Read this.. from a guy who is bold.. but knows he really don;t have a chance ..But what am i suppose to say to him.. 

Subject: Jtwhite
3:47 PM on 12/6/2012
hi you doing my name is richard let me say it is an honor to even right you you no i was reading your profile and you have a nice spirit that i like and that's what i look for in a woman and yes i do love the lord i would love to be your friend and hopefully it grow's in to something nice let me tell you about me i been single now for 3 years i am in a wheelchair i been in it Scene 1994 i was in a car accident me and my cousin i broke my neck we hit a tree and it left me in a wheelchair i wanted to share that with you but don't feel sorry for me because i i'm still a man i live my life just like any other man i have my on apartment and my on van i just got it painted black with new rim's i'll send you some pic a'm just saying all this because i try to live my life but i try to live the right way and i understand that we all make mistakes i like going out to eat and i like cooking out going tofamily get togethers i like going to church on sundays i just jesus and when it comes down to the relationship i tryed to be real in it but she saw something better at least thats what say now it don't look good for her thats how God works i wanted to share all this you because i realy to want get no you to show you i want to no you this is my number this is my house 229-985-6750 my cell 229-798-2066 thank you for reading this god bless.
Now me and my sister didn;t laught off of this.. cause he is trying!!!

Love Experiment 101 ( Black People Meet) Entry 12.Well as usal same ole , same ole.. Grown behind men acting like they are so hard up for a woman that they know it totally outof there league.. Enough Said!!.

Love Experiment 101 ( Black People Meet)  Entry 11.. Im seriously not kiddling at what men say to me on this site. Just read.. I told yall I wasn;t playen!!!! Read it from the bottom up!!
He Said:
Subject: Re:another chance
9:09 PM on 11/29/2012
JTWHITE you may not believe me but its the truth I would never put a message like that on a site where I am trying to meet someone. I respect your reaction an wish you a goodnight
He Said:
Subject: Another chance
8:53 PM on 11/29/2012
I have not been on the site in 3 months but if I new you would have responded wow. I can be your pen pal if you like or that real relationship you are looking for. Looked in the map to find Blackshear,Ga I would love to live in a place like that. I live in Downtown Atlanta one block from the MARTA rail Westlake Station. You are about 3 hours drive from me hope to hear from you soon an hope I can find a truck stop with a computer center so I can respond. GOD BLESS
You Said:
Subject: Re: I cannot be hon
8:45 PM on 11/29/2012
man please...
He Said:
Subject: Re: I cannot be hon
6:01 PM on 11/29/2012
JTWHITE I didnot seen you that message my password was compermised by an exgirl freind who sent you that message. She is trying to block me from being blessed. Could you would you give me another chance. It would mean the World to me and would make my Xmas. I am a Truck driver I am in Dallas,Tx now an my lab top is in the shop at home in Atlanta. I have my sell phone with me an you can have my number if you like just say yes
P,S Give me the chance to make it wright
You Said:
Subject: Re: I cannot be hon
5:40 PM on 11/15/2012
and your not!! and you are right!!!
He Said:
Subject: I cannot be hon
5:27 PM on 11/15/2012
I cannot be honest with my girlfriend about the sight. I want a perfect relationship where there is no disagreements I have been married before but now divorce. I have five kids two of them grown and paying child- support now do you think I am the one? I am trying to find another job now. Looks can be deceiving.
You Sent:
Subject: A message from JTWhite
4:48 PM on 11/15/2012
 You look like someone I'd like to get to know

Love Experiement 101 Entry 10. What Im not understanding on this site i why men like Mr. Smuv get on this site trying to present there truth upfront stating that he is in the last stages of his divorce but he is legally seperated. 'sLike really any woman that has some since would want him after that kind of statement.. Take it or leave it. I hope the women are leaving it. Let alone not to mention is age and the child support he probably has to pay with his 3 kids and to even consider his job occupation. Man please!!! I'm not knocking his will for tring I just say until you are divorce " Get the Heck off the Site" cause you not ready!!! Lord have mercy let's mention alittle about Workmanfun.. I mean when you say to  him I'm not interested then why in the heck are you still messaging me after I have politely stated I"M NOT INTERESTED!! based on your income you can not help me or barely yourself.. Men pleae stop putting how much you make in a year because 25,000-35,000 is not usualy what a woman care to deal with cause you got kids.. most of that should go to them for care, and then how are you really going to date anybody if you can;t even come to them and they live 4 hours away.. Man this site opens your eyes to what's out there and you have to check there profile.. If they lying or not if they look shadey, or there pics are shadey ( like wearing a tink top I callit , Wife Bedda) then please keep it move in. My question after some of these men message me is REALLY?? and WHAT DOES LOVE GOT TODO WITH IT?. On this my sister agreed but he didn;t laugh we just agreed!!!

Love Experiment 101(Black People Meet) Entry 9. My messages are still booming and coming faster than I could imagine.. almost 1100. however a dude that had a pic of him and what looked like a cropped picture that his wife was cut off of tried to holla.. Like really.. i can see the womans hair and the fact that his arms was around some woman.. Smootches was his name and playen around on his wife was his game.. Nuff said.. Lee the Chef is coming into to play we have a date tomorrow but IDK.. He sounds on the phone a lil stronger than me personality wise but we will see.. yes my sister is excited cause her and another friend will be sitting across the restarant checking us and the situation out the whole time.. Video will be going tooo... Fun Fun Fun..Code 10 situationis what we calling it..operation BPMDate in motion..

Love Experiment 101 (Black People Meet) Enrty 8. Well it was a another eventful day on the cattle round up on Black People Meet.. I have 1070 messages, men basically from around my age some aill younger and others are much to old. I mean why in the heck would I want to date a 59 year ole.. would somebody please tell me.. What would I find in a man that age.. let alone how many more years he got left. It is hilarious that stupid men who are actually still legally married puts there status as legally seperated.. what woman in the world would want a man who is still married to be her man or husband. Now I'm not saying married men don;t cheat or that some women don;t  like to  be with them either. Im just sayen if you are trying to make yourself more marketable to a good woman I have to  tell them to first be free then message me.. UGGH. Now I'm still trippen over the Mormac man, that man really had me going .. But the Pope ( Successfullman) is  his sign on name.. He's stepped in the game.. Uhowa I said.. he got game and I like talking to him but there are about 10 others whose got the same game as he does. They seem to be smart educated dudes who are much younger that the Mormac 47 and still tryna run game.. I call him the DD ( Diabetic DICK). Want to slang it, show it and give it but be tired all the time!!! However I'm trippen because of these men who think the have to tell lies to get a woman.. I  tell them , to just be themselves as would anybody but some still have to pump themselves up.. They got a BMW, they have there own businesses, they are this they are that which is all good but just let all that info come naturally in getting to know one another because some of us already have those same material things and want something more than that. Why does all men think there sex game is all a woman want to hear when they are trying to get to know them. i don;t want to see or want to talk about your sexaully ability to screw.. I'm sure I can find that much pleasure in any man I love.. All that I want you to put it in my face and let me get it from behind, and you want be sayen that when you i leave.. blablabla..some be real bold and just send a pic out of now where.. Trying a Sister.. Imall in church and glance at my phone and out of nowhere pops a BIG OLE  DICK ..I almost hollered in the church biy if my face could say what I was seeing at the time.. Ludacris.. seriously. Couldn;t tell my sista about that.. to embarassed for him not me.. lol

Experiment Love 101 ( Black People Meet).. this si my 7th entry people...The Mormac.. Man he was 47, tall, really real Good lookin had 4 kids, been married for about 24 years.. Yes 24 years and had grandchildren, and trying to run game.. He came at me for about 2 weeks and I asked him like why he tryen me.. He lived all the way in Ohio and Im all the way here in south GA. Man he shot me a line talking," If the love I find in is GA then that's where i will be.. : man I said ok.. so I was on line one day ( on the site) and he beaped in with a lil text chat feature on the site.. Man I was like dang so we chatted for a few then I let brah call me.. Why did I di that.. Now don't get me wrong brother looked like Lawrence Fishbern, and I likes me some lawrence Fishbern, and being that he was older much older, I was like well he might be etablished ( wrong)let's just say he's starting over with his life.. Well anyway he he had macking game true dat!! but he alarmed me on a few thing..( His wife left him, but he's pretty boy) he don;t like for you to challenge him seems like, and he acted as though he was still trying to  get over not being married a far a not over his wife.. after about 3 years of being divorced. I understand the detachment he must have felt but dang, he seemed like he was still hurt, and steady trying to get over he not over the marriage. Well I got to feeling him after a while cause I though well Im starting new businesses doing new things he seems to be on the same track.. Bra Mormac was like uggh to deal with.. he didn;t like to communicate with me.. I guess after 3 weeks of me he decided Heck NOO.. but he wanted crap like pictures of me, and he always talk sex, sex, sex.. After a while that junk gets old and a real woman can see thru the game of, " is he a freak, or need sexual therapy) I mean is he a sex feen and don;t know it.. Like really man, you bout sick and tired every day, what can you do for me sexuallly after a while.. Man this guy did have some of my emotions.. It didn;t last I deleted his number, and now I have to delete him from my skype... This time I told me sister and she was like awaaaah.. cause I began to like him...   

 Experiment Love 101 ( Black People Meet)This is my 6th day entry and okay granted Thu Thu as I call him, and Church Boy, and Mr. Atheis has not all panned out as connections but they have all  been some sort of action being that I hadn't had none in a few years. I mean really it's fun don;t get me wrong but the cat that are out there is to funny, risky, and still be tryna to play games. Why old , and I mean Ole men be trying to haolla, I said to each one of them that have sent me am essgae out of the 921 messages I have recieved in the last 30 days to STOP TRYING TO GET WITH YOUNGER WOMAN. i TOLD THEM THAT THERE SEARCH SHOULD BE AROUND THERE AGE OR OLDER..  I TOLD EACH ONE OF THEM SO FAR THAT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SUGA DADDY!!. AND I DARN SURE AS HECK IS NOT GONNA APPEASE THEM WITH ANY KIND OF AMUSEMENT.. PLEASE!!! I actually getoff on tell them they need to stop they are somebodied Granddaddy in this area of there search. And OMG How about the guys who have no picture on there profile and so you can;t even see them when theya re sending you messages. Now if  one may send a messsage and say I like your pics cool but anything else I politely let them know too; NO PHOTO NO CONVO.. No one wants to talk to a pictureless profile.. Like Really!!! Then they say they are Truck drivers who are lonely.. OMG.. WHY ME!!. Then I relaize well Iout myself out there like that so they are going to at least try.. so just tell them what I need for them to know and move on.. The men that send messages with no pics Urks me the most tho!! I told my sister what I be sayingto the Ole men and the Pictureless Profiles and she as usual laughted!!

Experiement Love 101 ( Black People Meet). This is my 5th day.. and OMG , man this guy on the site hit me up.. He was big , black and cute. His smile caught me.. but owa nothing else after we got on that darn phone. First of all if you can imagine a dark vadors voice in slow motion . Literally talking  5 words a minute.. It took him forever to get out a sentence. He is retired Veteran now working for the state and about to finish college. Granted he is older than me and have I think 2 kids from a divorce. During our conversation of which I was clueless of what we were talking about cause I couldn't pay attention long enough to what he was saying  he told me he had a 4 year ole daughter and that she lived with his ex-wife I think in Texas.He told he me was a deacon in church.. ( I heard that part). I was like really!!. But he said he was looking for a wife.. blablabla.. he asked me round about this time in our few minutes conversation  if that was my real hair in the pictures he had seen on line... WHAT??? I said I know this N.. did not aske me that.. so I polietly told him that NO it wasn't.. I told him I like weave, I like wearing weave and weave looks great on me.. It got him trying to holla. I asked him why ? did he not like weave on a woman or something? he said well he like women with naturally long hair.. or womaen that like to wear there own hair. I said.. to myself.. Owha Lord his ex-wife must be a latina, or a phillippine woman or something .. I said well I gotta go real quick  because I already knew heck no.. I thought man you talk slow and hell, and you seem big and goofy, how dare in you play a sista and her weave.. Good luck on your finding a woman who can deal with your speech problem. So in me laughing but appualed I t hought I was texting my cousin about him.. and how he talked slow but wanted a woman with long hair.. Chile Boo.. I ended up texten him all I basically just said instead. of my cousin.. oops!!! Needless to say I didnt hear from him again but he probably got the point when I got off the phone like HUH I gotta go..I am not a player and talking to more than one man at a time trying to connect with one.. is jut mind blowing when you hadn't really connected with anyman for like years.. Call it being thrown to the wolves!!! and yes I called my sister and she laughed!!!So did my cousin..
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