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Virginia Harrison
I'm an author, educator, keynote speaker and a lay evangelistic minister.
I'm an author, educator, keynote speaker and a lay evangelistic minister.


I'm re-posting the rules and intentions for this siteThis community has been designed especially for newly published authors, whether hard copy or e-book. It is designed to help you gain free advertising exposure for your work.  We frown on erotica, occultism and demonology and prefer books of a loftier nature (i.e. Christian, Health, Science, Food, How-To, etc.).  Once you have joined, please post a description about your book and how it can be obtained.  We, the creators of this community, wish you well. .
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Hello everybody, I apologize for having been gone for so long but hopefully I'm back for awhile. I see we've added some new writers. Yay! It's always good to see new faces. 
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By: Virginia Echols-Harrison

It is not for the mere formulation of sentences upon the page or for the adoration or praise of those who would ruminate upon the regurgitation of our thoughts.  It is not to gain applause or to be the best in one’s field.  No, writers write because they are compelled to do so; it is whom they are! It is an unburdening of the soul, a sweet release of the spirit, an expression of their innermost thoughts and feelings, which they feel compelled to document. If perhaps someone reads it then well; if perhaps someone requests it, then better; if by chance someone buys it, then it is rewarding. Ultimately, writers write because they are driven by self-expression! Words overtake them, opinions and beliefs consume them; their peace leaves them until they become one with their expression, which spills onto the page. UMMMMMMM  umph, such sweet nirvana.

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This might be helpful to those of you who are aspiring indie writers.

Hey Niecey,

I see you are lighting up the review boards with all that reading. I really appreciate what you are doing for these authors who are posting their books. Now, if we could just get more people who are willing to be supportive of others, instead of just posting for themselves (even though this is the purpose of the community) it would boost the sales of all of us.

My mommy used to tell me that you can never do anything for someone else without being blessed in the process. I believe that when you publish next week, you are going to be so very blessed. I can't wait to read your book.

Thanks again and continued happy reviewing.

Hello Everybody, 

This is just a reminder that this community is solely dedicated to promoting new authors, new publications and material that will help to bolster the author's various skills in the writing and/or marketing of his or her book. I've been seeing quite a few unrelated videos, off-the cuff jokes, recipes and pictures popping up.  Although the aforementioned items are funny and/or interesting, I believe they belong in another community or on Facebook.

I don't want to discourage any new authors from posting on this site because it looks a great deal, in part, like a "Facebook page'. Please, those of you who know that you are guilty regarding the posting of these types of things, please stop. We don't want you to leave the community, but we do want you to stick to the purpose of This Community, and that is for Newly Published Authors and Readers to get a heads-up on what's new in the publishing world.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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I'm Virginia Echols-Harrison and I've recently published a new e-book  that is available on  For those of you who don't own a Kindle, no problem. It can be downloaded to your PC, telephone or Nook also.

Below is a statement from my book of how-to essays, designed to help others conquer negativity in their lives and become adversity slayers.

"It is not a question of  "if" adversity will come to your door, but “when”.

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Finally a picture of me. Yay!
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Listen up,

I've just had a great idea  that might help boost each of our sales. We all know how important reviews are to the sale of a book. Therefore, I would like to suggest that each of us go to the posted links for every person's book.; download a sample copy or buy it if you wish, but by all means review it and post a positive (nothing less than a 3 star) review. 

I'm not asking anyone to lie, but there is always something positive to be said about everything. However, if it is not the type of book you would appreciate, then don't review it at all.  Let me know what you think or if you're in for it.

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