is the iphone 4s worth getting solely because I need an ipod and I use itunes as my music player?
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If you use iTunes as your music player, there are bigger problems at hand. ;-) 
no. don't get me wrong here, I'm an Apple Inc. junkie but the iphone 4s SOLELY for music capabilities is silly. you're better off getting an ipod for a fraction of the cost.
well if you put it that way, get the iphone!
If it'll fit all your music, then its probably a good buy. Personally, all my music is stored "in the cloud" (via Google Music) so I don't have to download songs to my phone directly. I can access all my songs anywhere I have internet. In general, this is the trend. Apps like Spotify (which I have recently ditched because of its super creepy Facebook integration) offer the same sort of service.
And if you're interested, Songbird ( is an excellent alternative to iTunes. Its only about 15 MB (compared with iTunes like 4 bajillion MB) and doesn't bug you about updating every week. I used to love iTunes, but its gotten so bloated and is such a resource hog now. Plus, I can find songs for way cheaper on Amazon MP3 almost every time.
yeah my music isn't going to fit on an iphone. i think that the cloud is sweet, and honestly i only use an mp3 player at the gym and driving. i guess the big question regarding that (other than the pain of having to switch music players) is how is the andriod as a music player?
Personally, I think it works great. The Google Music app connects with your music on the cloud seamlessly and plays it from anywhere. I haven't had any issues. It doesn't have the "sexiness" of an iPhone or iPod interface, but functionally, I see no difference.
haha, i am surprised as to what people listen to thanks to that creeper facebook integration
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