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Technology entrepreneur & investor
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Take back control of your life

"Here's the problem we face, every day of our lives. Nearly everything that generates enduring value requires effort, focus, and even some discomfort along the way. At the same time, we're deeply wired to avoid pain, which the body reads as mortally dangerous, and to move toward pleasure, the more immediate the better."

I just read this at The99%, and there's a good article that follows with some advice on putting this to work below.

There's now a political party completely based on the Internet as its theme that has won near 10% of the delegates in a significant institution -- the Berlin state assembly. Amazing. Congratulations, Pirates.

I think it's a big deal and most curious harbinger of things to come. My prediction is that this "laptop + latte" party is going to keep building momentum and have 10% in the national parliament within a few years. It'll change politics in parliamentary systems more than politics has changed in a long time -- and far beyond their percentage stake in influence -- because it's about the process more than any topic. Of course, all politicians use the Internet these days, even if 'using' only usually means having your assistant create and maintain a FB page. The Pirate party is going more fundamentally to another level.

Wonder about how this may swap over to the U.S. Congress. With all that wealth creation having happened in the Internet, there's surely some capital ready to go for that. So far, in the U.S., there's been only Internet savvy individual candidates; none yet taken this to the level of process and institutional party. 
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