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Ways To Tell If He's Just Stringing You Along
I've had conversations regarding this topic many times with different friends throughout the years. For some reason, some women just refuse to see the signs. Sometimes I want to just grab them and shake them...but I know that won't help because people see w...

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Dealing With The Hardest Things In Life
Image courtesy of mrpuen /   Forgiveness At one time, it was really difficult for me to forgive someone who had wronged me. I always held people to high standards and wanted my friend to be the kind of friend to me that I was to them. ...

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A Holiday Favorite: Sweet, Southern-Style Deviled Eggs
Here is one of the first dishes I learned to make as a child and it is still one of my favorites during the holidays- or anytime rather. Deviled eggs are always the first to disappear because no one can eat just one. There are many, many variations of this ...

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If Divorce Looms, Should You Be Ready?
image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / As I write this post, my husband is sitting beside me shaking his head. I love my husband dearly. I think he is the greatest guy. He's not perfect, but yet he's perfect for me. Still, I know ...

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Sports & Relationships: A Woman’s Solution for Game Day
1. How can I be a part of the football experience without annoying him? Only ask questions about the game during the commercials; and if you still don’t get it, just pretend and smile. You can ask again on another day. 2. How do I tell him that I prefer the...

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Fun With Flaxseeds
Many people are already aware of the many awesome
benefits of flaxseeds (or linseeds), so I’m a little late getting on the bandwagon. Last weekend I
picked up a bag of whole, organic flaxseeds from  +The Vitamin Shoppe   for $4.99. They are a great source o...

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Waiting For Mr. Right
How Do I Know If He’s The Right One for Me? Simply put- you don’t. My girlfriend asked me this recently. She’s in her mid 30s…no husband, no kids, and desperately looking to change that. She has really high standards and believes this is the reason why she ...

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Favorite Foreign Films
Image courtesy of cooldesign / Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a love for
foreign films. It's one of my favorite pastimes because I love exploring different
storytelling techniques. It can be quite a refreshing change of pac...

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Product Review: Walltenna by Urban Freedom
  image courtesy of Walltenna Clear Indoor HDTV Antenna Description from the Walltenna website: With all the power of a full-sized rooftop antenna in an ultra-thin
package, WallTenna is a high-performance, omni-directional antenna

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Easy, Quick Guacamole Dip
I like to let everyone in on quick, simple recipes that are especially
ideal for kitchen newbies. Well, here’s another one for you. (By t...
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