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Showing how to add a post to Google+ for my class. Yippee! #libday7
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Greetings from the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, NE
And greetings from the Florida Keys Community College in Key West, FL
Hello and Howdy from DC Where We Continue to Live in a Sauna
Hi, class! Shout outs from Queen Creek, AZ home of the mighty Queen Creek... um, somethings? :)
Hi there, new Plussers from over in Mancos, CO! Enjoy your class with Sarah!
Hello from Wollongong, Australia! #libday7
It's exciting to see G+ getting introduced so early in its life. Hi from Illinois!
Say hi to them and have them put me in their circles...
Local San Rafael rabble-rouser, beware...
Nice! I got to show the class the diversity of location and instant response nature of Google+. THANKS TO ALL!
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