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Special offer from Google today: run a 2-minute security check on your account (which is really a good idea anyway) and get a free 2GB of Drive storage space. If your Google account matters to you -- your GMail, YouTube, Google+, Drive, and so on -- this is something worth running every few months.

And after you do that, go enable 2-step verification. ( It's the single best thing you can do to protect your account from being compromised. 
A quick checkup and a simple thanks
A quick checkup and a simple thanks

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I work on this product!  Also? useful info.
#MountainView, we've created a public @Google Map (you do NOT need an account) to track areas of flooding in our City. We will update it as we get info from you and our colleagues at Public Work and Mountain View Fire. Tweet us @MountainViewPD if you see flooded areas and we'll add it:

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If you love the Mountain View Library...or would love to use it if only XYZ were different, please take their survey to provide input!

(email about it pasted below)

Hi Library Board and Friends,
As you may remember, we did a comprehensive customer survey 2 years ago to gather feedback from the public on library services, and to identify needed improvements.  We plan to do this survey every 2 years and have just opened the survey again here:  
I hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill this out.  Also, please forward to everyone you know!  We had about 600 responses last time and would like to exceed that this time.  We plan to leave the survey up through the first week of January.
Thank you!

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Here are the numbers from Mountain View's 2012 General Plan.

Jobs in 2009: 60,460
Jobs in 2030: 82,230 
Housing units in 2009: 33,270
Housing units in 2030: 42,240

Where are those 22,000 new workers going to live?

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REMINDER: Sunday Farmers' Market will move to Bryant, California due to 49ers Home Game

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#NeilArmstrong took this photo of me saluting our flag on the moon during our #Apollo11 moon walk & it was my proudest moment. #Apollo45

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I love Feedly.  I'm glad they are not giving in to extortion.  I hope the people doing this to them get caught.

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We just updated our Transparency Report, showing how many requests Google gets for information about its users. But we're not allowed to give the full story because the U.S. government says that requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) must be kept secret. We can tell you this: Requests have more than doubled around the world since 2009, and more than tripled in the U.S.:

Share this if you believe you have a right to know what our governments are up to. 

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Couldn't have said it better.
To Rep. Boehner: let the House do it's job. Bring a clean bill which funds the government to a vote and #justvote  on it. If it passes, it passes. If it fails, it fails. That's the job of our representative government.

To the US House of Representatives: please rid yourself of this silly business where a bill can't even get voted on without the Speaker's say-so. You've created a situation that makes America ungovernable. I get that it's complicated, but that's the problem you need to solve.

To the US Senate: and while I'm at it, enact real filibuster reform and remove the silent filibuster. If someone wants to oppose legislation, make 'em stand before the country and say so "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" style.

To the US media: Please, please stop with this "they're both dug in" "everyone refuses to compromise" "both sides are to blame" utter bullshit. Congress voted for a law (Obamacare). The President signed it. The Supreme Court upheld it. All branches of government participated. There's nothing to compromise on. There's nothing to sit down at the table and discuss. If Republicans want to change or abolish Obamacare, then they should win some elections and vote on it. Just like all our laws. Shutting down the government because you didn't get your way isn't hard-ball politics, it's irresponsible and childish. It might even be a violation of the oath of office. So please, journalists, give us a break on your ridiculous even-handedness.

To the Republican Party: your winner-take-all primary process combined with your toxic-to-democracy gerrymandering has backfired. Not only are you driving yourself over a cliff, you're taking the rest of us with you.

To the Democratic Party: you don't represent me anymore either, so wipe that smug smile off your face, look in the mirror, and see that you're just about as progressive as Ronald Reagan.

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Google Search UX is hiring. We're looking for visual designers and prototypers, as well as design leaders.

Send a message via my profile if…
- you are a fantastic designer or prototyper
- you use Google Search and think "I can make this much better."
- you want your work to have a positive impact for over a billion people
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