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J. Edgar Mihelic Quoted in the Wall Street Journal
I have to share this because it is so....random. Journalist found a tweet I made about regretting not refinancing my house and used me as an example for a larger piece about the Fed's asset purchases. A lot of our conversation was cut, but I have to share a...

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Thank You, Brookfield
Well Friends, it looks like fortune wasn’t on my side tonight. No matter. I can’t claim that it is not a personal disappointment, this loss. But what I do know, and knew all along, was that there was going to be someone who cared deeply about the library an...

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Two Quick Graphic Novel Looks 3.20.2017
Kindred I had never read anything by Butler before. I was
recommended the Parable of the Sower at one point several years back, bought it
and after reading a couple of pages I put it down for something else. Saying that, I’m not sure how accurate this adapt...

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On Manson's "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck"
Basically, this is like a Buddhism or stoicism repackages
for today. It is not bad. I took it up because I thought my self needed
some help, but horrors, not self-help. But it is not going to change my life. Makes you think. A bit.
You too will die. And not...

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The Mundane as an Inspiration: Neil Gaiman's "A View From the Cheap Seats"
I listened to this on audio, and I still don’t think you get
as deep an experience ‘reading’ an audiobook as you do interacting with a dead
tree book. You can’t argue with it or find a pen to underline the passages you
like or highlight where you went wrong...

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Candidate Endorsement Opportunity from Landmark newspaper - Filled Questionnaire
Below is the unedited version of the Questionnaire I filled out for the Landmark: Previous political experience: Applied and interviewed for democratic candidate – lieutenant governor when the party forced out Scott Lee Cohen; volunteered for the Lozano and...

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On Moore's "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
Here’s the problem with having seen the movie based on the
book before reading the book: if the movie sucks, you’re pre-judging the book.  But then sometimes you go back and read the book, and you
wonder how in the heck the people making the movie took such...

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Stand (The Only Poems I Write are Love Poems)
Against the wind I will shelter you As you will shelter me Against the cold I will give you warmth As you share yours with me Against the fire We will run, your hand In mine and mine in yours Even In the face of Apocalypse We will stand together No matter t...

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Towards the Library Election
Everyone involved in this library
election was on the board or in the volunteer group working towards the
building of a new library. I myself would not have volunteered my time if I did
not think that having a new library would be beneficial to the communit...

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On Kindt and Hall's "Pistol Whip"
Ultimately, I liked this book. The problem here is that I can’t talk with my hands. I want to speak of the noire character of the book, the dark and unknown that stays there through the end. What really is interesting is how the book can both probe deep and...
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