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Shedding to Shred
Shedding to Shred

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LT Live Presents: Michael J. Johnson

Also featuring: All Quiet, Grandma Moses, and Malt Liquor Bandits (MLB.)

The Michael J. Johnson band, featuring Dave Howard, Jazz Robertson, Jeff Perry, Ani Johnson, Leanne Palma, Rachel Gambiza. Original rock by Michael J. Johnson, with dashes of funk and jazz thrown in, and plenty of shredding!
Oct. 17, 2013
McGann's Irish Pub
197 Portland St.
Boston, MA 02114
Doors Open at 8pm
$10 admission

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Here is single #2!

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One of two new singles.

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I wrote an op-ed for The Boston Globe about the recent issues surrounding Pandora, etc.

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New single, also available on iTunes and soon on Spotify and GooglePlay.

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Video for my new song "Alive."

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New Song! "Alive" is the story of a nerd who has dreamed his entire life of the heroic deeds he would most certainly perform in the event of the apocalypse. However, when the apocalypse actually happens, he finds that things are not as easy as he would have hoped.

Buy this single at:





Stream it at:



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For those who don't have iTunes or Spotify, you can now stream "Resolve" from my Soundcloud account. It should have appeared on GooglePlay by now, but I guess that's not going to happen!
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