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i bought many of your products in israel but after you buy no one is giving you service after sale bad company even the head office dont return e mail i never see bad service like this
Bought from TEKA ISRAEL for the kitchen in our new house 5 products for thousands of dollars.  Our new drawer heating came from the factory broken and the company does not take responsibility even though the installer of their set it and perhaps it's that or it broke - but the next morning we inform the company and it lays the blame on us - that's almost one month are just playing with us and refuse to replace the defective product.
i know i didnt got service at all aftert trying so long mine didnt broke but its not woring like it should they dont care at all i never see company who treat her customer like that
The point is that the HQ in Germany dont contact their distributor in ISRAEL. They local company create such a bad reputation and no one care
i even wrote to the company but they dont return my e mails i think is all TEKA company not only here in israel i also saw lots of comments on theirs facebook but nothing
I didnt find TEKA HQ in Facebook, can you send me?
פייסבוק לא עוזר אני יתן לך טלפון אישי של בעלת החברה דבר רק איתה אל תזכיר אותי בבקשה מקווה שזה יעזור 0529409397 קוראים לה עידית תעדכן אותי
Donde puedo encontrar la conexion para GAS (BSP x NPT) para una parrilla TEKA en Mexico. 
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