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I'm sitting behind Antarctica Pretending that my eyes are Waterfalls and the shower Is crying but maybe all This water will make the Darkness wash away Maybe it will cleanse me From the disease that Keeps me from the calm & prevents me from rest Maybe someh...

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Tell me.
tell me what it's like to feel everything and tell me how much it hurts  tell me how much it hurts when everything comes crashing down inside your ribs tell me how it feels when you cry so much that its hard to breathe and you can't inhale please tell me wh...

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Let them rip me
Writing is rough on me I feel it caustic on my skin A punch in the stomach It’s heavy in my throat Slapping me awake Throwing one back Burning down inside Words pluck me like strings Each chord a beat of blood Let them rip me Let them cut pieces off So I ca...

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Suffocating backwards
I have trouble nearing the cliff without jumping off Standing at the fence without hopping it, and Running headlong into the mist I clench my fist sometimes when I See a car and watch it plummet down the street Paper bags were never for my lunches Cause I d...

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Don't feel pathetic
don't feel pathetic when you think about him everyday and he couldn't give a shit. don't feel pathetic when you love people too much and tell them too much and give them too much don't feel pathetic when you puke because you're so nervous and your body is c...

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Halfway? What's that?
I don't do things halfway. If you are my friend. Let me tell you, you will know how much I love you and appreciate you. I'll send you texts randomly to tell you I miss you. I'll make sure to make your birthday special. I'll protect you. I'll be fiercely loy...

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Here's to the girls...
Here's to the girls That are coming home drunk Wishing that a guy would've asked for their number That have no one to cuddle with No one to text to tell about their night Having to act okay around their girlfriends with boyfriends Because you wish you had s...

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Ever since I learned to spell
Writing has always been a release for me. Ever since I
learned to spell. I remember learning to write the word “love”. I wanted to
write it everywhere. It was like magic to me, that I could put something that I
thought or said onto paper. It was like seeing...

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I often have nights, or moments when I just get so happy that tears brim in my eyes. What are these moments you may ask? Sometimes I'm just sitting on my bed, listening to a good song, and I think about how wonderful life is and the people that have touched...

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Don't date an Occupational Therapist (OT)
This is a take off of “ Don’t date a girl who travels ” and
“ Don’t date a girl who reads ”. I recommend reading one of those first because this will make more sense.  Obviously there are guy OT’s too, but I wrote
this in the same style as the other article...
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