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1000s of report comments for teachers for your mid-year report writing. Report writing software (online report generator) - free to individual teachers. Visit: 
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WHAT'S NEW? School Report Writer now converts comments from Australia's Quick Vic and Accelerus systems.
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7,000 registered users worldwide in first year. 
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Free web-based school report writing software for teachers, easy-to-use, with great features including an OOOPS! DETECTIVE that spots embarrassing mistakes and spellcheck as you type. Saves loads of time too! Very quick to register and have a play.
TEACHERS’ REVIEWS from TES resources (Times Educational Supplement)…
“So grateful for this – took me a while to get the hang of it but the time investment was worth it. Thank you.”
“The software is great, really excellent. I love it already!”
FREE school report writing software, saves teachers hours, stores comments in online statement bank, STOPS (cut&paste) MISTAKES — PC, Mac, iPAD web app...
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End-of-year general report comments for teachers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and beyond. Use our report card comments to create easy school reports with our free online report writing software.

What 85 teachers said...

Eighty-five teachers have been inspired to write a review at Google or TES (Times Educational Supplement). Below you can read every single one, unedited. For the latest reviews see...

"Thanks very much for this! The comment banks are really helpful, especially with many being subject specific. The facility to add further comments is straightforward and has helped me to personalise reports and save lots of time too."

"Fantastic! thank you."

"Fantastic resource, this allows us to create reports that are useful to students and parents whilst being very quick and straightforward to use. The ability to share comments with colleagues and upload new comments is superb. Thank you."

"A fantastic resource, would really recommend to any teacher. I had 300 individual reports to write and by investing a little time in writing my own comment banks I saved hours of writing time and the reports were still relevant, useful and personal to each student. This year my reports will be even quicker as my comment banks are already set up."

"This is very good indeed. I used it for my reports last year. It saved me many hours work. It takes a little bit of time to set and include your comments etc, but once its set up it makes for very quick report writing. I'll be using it again this year."

"If you are new to this resource I would strongly recommend that any teacher takes the time to have a look, you will wonder how you ever completed reports without it."

"When I found School Report Righter I felt like I could face writing reports! It is very useful and a massive time saver. The report comment banks helped me learn how to use the resource to the full as well as build up my own banks. It is a time saver that your family will thank you for using."

"Very useful indeed. Cut down my report writing by hours and hours and comments are already suitable to add, including topics covered in class, suggestions for improvement and target setting. Can be tailored to how your school likes reports to be formatted and all the comments are saved. Better still, you can share comments from other members on the site. Thank you for making this a free resource."

"Having endless reports to write and ever increasing demands on my time with admin and students needing more and more of my time to ensure they succeed, this resource has been a God send and has enabled me to write detailed reports in a fraction of the time. Thank you for this resource."

"This is an excellent resource, that has allowed me to write detailed and personalised reports in a fraction of the time it would normally take. I spent some time setting up my account to include a range of comments that I required and I'm glad I did as it has proven to be an extremely valuable resource, and better yet - it's free! I highly recommend this to any teacher."

"This is a brilliant resource. I had four classes of year 7 reports due today and thanks to this website I did not have to spend as long as I expected writing them. Another teacher also commented today on how personalised they were. It is free and the site says that even if they do one day have to charge, all the current features will remain free (fine with me). I really cannot recommend it highly enough."

"Absolutely fantastic the best free resource out there. Saved me hours if not days."

"Top drawer, can be used for form tutor comments, UCAS references, anything. Not cheating, it ensures all students get a consistent report, but it is only as good as your comment banks. Definitely worth investing the time in these. JB."

"Fantastic resource. Useful for any type of reports. Did not take too long to set things up in relation to our school reports but once up and running definitely worth using."

"Amazing. This is so helpful. I love the synonyms! Thank you."

"Amazing resource. Literally took days off of my report writing."

"Very good resource, give it a try."

"Superb resource."

"I have found the site schoolreportwriter to be very helpful and easy to learn. this is not to say it doesn't need to do a little tweaking here and there in order to get it perfect.. but overall well worth the trouble."

"Fantastic resource! Easy to use, saves lots of time! Definitely worth the initial time required to set up comment banks."

"Fantastic, after a time setting it up this will literally save me hours and hours of valuable time. Really recommend."

"Thank you for a well thought out resource it is much better than the one I have been using up until now. Anything that saves a teacher time is a winner in my book."

"Wonderful resource. It is so easy to generate reports for students, and it makes report writing less stressful. I teach in an IB school. I created categories and comments for each of the MYP criteria and I uploaded them to this resource. Then it was just a matter of selecting comments."

"I wish I found this year's ago! Saved me hours and I know my reports are perfect each time."

"Flexible and easy to use with a thesaurus of common phrases (eg good, very good, excellent, outstanding..) and the ability to easily import and export comments to allow departmental consistency this really is helpful at reporting time."

"very helpful when writing 100 reports."

"Extremely helpful resource. Easy to tailor it to individual needs. A real time saver! Thank you!."

"Excellent. Very well thought out. Flexible."

"Can't believe how useful this web app is."

"Excellent resource, well thought out and has made my reports a lot better."

"This has not only saved me tons on time it has made my reports more personalised and of a higher quality than before. Genius idea."

"Saves so much time and makes the reports more personalised. I haven't even begun to fully utilise some of the features which look useful."

"An excellent resource, it saved me a lot of time. Thanks."

"Thank you so much! This helped me get my reports done so quickly."

"It is great that people share these type of resources. It was really useful. A big THANK YOU for you."

"The best thing about this report writer was that I was able to import my previous comment banks from a different report writer. I have just changed to a Mac PC and was devastated to discover my old report assistant would not run. I found this new one online and was literally dancing for joy when I was able to import in my own comments. This looks very easy to use and I really like the thesaurus function too. I find using a program like this invaluable at report writing time. Thank you."

"I've been a teacher for 30+ years, the last 20 or so in ICT/Comp Sci and I have seen apps come and go. This is the singularly most useful education app I have seen. I have introduced many teachers to this and they love it. Well done to the people behind this."

"This is an excellent resource that works well with mac or PC. You can import comments from the free bank to start you off or create your own. I finished my tutor reports in one night. Happy boss happy life. THANKYOU SO MUCH."

"Several of us have used this resource over the past few years and have found it brilliant to speed the report writing process."

"Absolutely Brilliant! Takes some time to get the comment banks set up and then- boom! Super easy from there on out. It has especially helped me in a school with teachers that have awful English language skills. Set up the comment bank, send it to everyone, and no need to proofread with such intensity :)"

"Brilliant! just need to practice more with it."

"Incredibly useful and flexible. Thanks."

"Very useful and flexible. Bit complex to set up initially, but worth it."

"Once you have put in the hard work and created a comment bank, further reports will be easy and save time. A great app."

"A fantastic tool that has saved me a LOT of time! Definitely recommend this to any teacher."

"I have just started using it. I like that you can import from Teacher Report Assistant. It is a little time consuming to set up, but once it is ready to go it saves a lot of time."

"Once is it set up, it is great to use. It is easy to use if you are computer literate and you can import comments from others and adapt them for yourself."

"Excellent software - I agree with Gary in that you need to have a little bit of computer literacy to use it, but once you ""get it"" it saves a HUGE amount of time. I introduced it to a few teachers in my school - they wrote more comprehensive reports as a result and took less time doing it :)"

"I have looked at a lot of different comment programs and this one is by far the most user friendly and packed with great features. It has saved a LOT of time. I recommend this app to anyone who writes a bulk of comments."

"A fantastic program."

"Delighted to find this excellent and flexible program! Perfect for writing VEYLDF Transition Statements (Victoria, Australia) Well worth the time and effort to fill up your own comment bank (using Framework indicators as a guide)then it's just click click click and your draft Statements are done. Save to anywhere you like, and when you're ready, paste into the DEECD eStatement and print. Easy."

"I love it. Reports that normally took me hours were a breeze to write and yet, I could still personalise the reports to each student."

"I am very keen to get a rich bank of comments organised and get set to knock out some decent reports for math and science. Looks and works great. I should have written the review with it!!! Thanks for a well developed teacher tool."

"Absolutely awesome, easy to use, has saved me hours."

"Fantastic program. Have just started at a school and have nearly 200 students to report on and Report Writer is saving me so much time. So good to load your own comments and personalise the reports to suit my school and subject area. Well done."

"Brilliant. I have used the Report Writer for years and it has saved me many many hours and has ensured good quality, individualised feedback for my students."

"Absolutely outstanding! This software makes reports a breeze and is really easy to use once you get used to it. I loved it so much I ran a staff PD and now I am at the top of everybody's Christmas list."

"Awesome App and Awesome support from the owner, who walked me through any questions I had. Thank you so much, you have saved me so much time. Definitely gonna be using it to help mark IB coursework also."

"This has got to be the most teacher friendly app/program out there. I have been looking for a quick and easy way to write report card comments for years and have finally found it. Wonderful."

"Great report writing software. Simple and easy to use. An upgraded version of Teacher's Report Assistant that's online so it can be used on any computer anywhere in the world. Developer, please use a different font and although your app is fairly good looking, it could use a few tweaks to make more appealing to the eye. Also, please just place page links to information rather than sharing it all on one page. I love your app but please keep updating it with people's suggestions and it could quickly become truly amazing."

"Absolutely Love this site! I've been using it for a year now and it saves me hours."

"A wonderful tool. Takes time to set up comment banks but it is time well spent because it makes report creation almost painless."

"Wonderfully simple to use. Idiot proof. I know some real idiots who are able to use this."

"I have never written my reports so quickly."

"I have used this two times now for writing my report card comments, and in between I tweaked them. I found it an extremely useful tool. I always love sharing technology with others, and I've asked for collaboration time together with other teachers so we can develop comments specific to our curriculum. Excellent app! I would definitely recommend it."

"This is a very useful piece of software. I have used it on a number of occasions and found it a powerful tool. Would like to have a more flexible template though."

"I have used this for the past couple of years. It takes a bit of time to set up, but once done, writing reports takes a fraction of the time. Definitely the best for writing narrative report comments."

"Once you get past the 'busy' layout and multi-color/font interface, the app works very smoothly, quickly and accurately. Would have rated 5 stars if there was a simpler, less busy interface. The ability to easily import .tra files (Teacher's Report Assistant) or other previously created comments via drag & drop/upload, also makes this an easy transition from old, less efficient report writing applications and software. The 'drop-down' thesaurus menus and other, similar 'list' features, really allow for authentic, personalized, detailed reports. Report writing has never been this good, this fast."

"Really fantastic tool; the only thing I would have liked more would be if I could make more than one selection from each box, which I could do on my old report writer, but maybe I just haven't used it enough to have it all figured out yet."

"Great. Simple. No more spelling mistakes (as long as I proof the templates properly)."

"Very useful and intuitive. It does everything we want it to. Our teachers are very happy with it. At first we wished that we could add to the thesaurus, but it really hasn't been a problem. Very highly recommended."

"Excellent. My only suggestions are for a way to batch delete old code and to include a way to level within subjects (ie. sub levels at different standards)."

"This was great! It was a pain to get setup, more just because you have to think of everything you want to say. But then your comment bank is in your words and super easy to use. Comments went really quickly. Thanks."

"I particularly appreciated the intuitive lists as well as the capacity to generate my own."

"I made the transition from TRA to School Report Writer this year and I'm not looking back."

"Spend a bit of time customising one of the comment text files and you should be able to save stacks of time doing the reports."

"I have used this program for years. What used to take several hours, now I can do in just over 1."

"So easy to set up and use. It saved me hours of copy and paste."

"Brilliant!! Because I'm slow it took a little bit to learn and set-up, but once I had the formula I found this app absolutely brilliant! Breezed through my reports! Awesome tool and highly recommended."

"It takes a little bit of effort on the front end to load your comments (although copying and pasting from the free comment bank cuts down on this dramatically), but one is rewarded with comments that are quickly generated, and sound as if they've been individually written. As comments stay in one's account, once the initial work is done, each subsequent report-writing event becomes even quicker and easier. Excellent program."

"Excellent layout and easy to use. I teach with a chromebook so a good/simple online tool is important."

"Not just efficient, personal and fair."

"Very helpful. Made writing comments a little easier."

"Have just started to use this app. I think I'm really going to be happy with it. Still have to adjust some of the comments for my purposes, but already I'm able to use what's available. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"As well as all the other benefits of this I like how you can use it on whichever computer you happen to be using as the comments are saved to the site and not your c drive. It's going to save me a lot of time and misery."

More time with family, more time with friends:

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Thank you teachers!
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Tagline - POPULAR, FREE & ONLINE Student Report Card Comments Bank & School Report Writing Software for Teachers. 7,000 registered users worldwide in first year.

POPULAR, FREE & ONLINE school report card comments bank & report writing software for teachers. Great features including a 1-click thesaurus you'll love and an OOPS! DETECTIVE that spots embarrassing mistakes. Quick to register and try with our sample comments (just email & password needed).

YouTube demo:


from TES (Times Educational Supplement)

“The software is great, really excellent. I love it already!"

“So grateful for this – took me a while to get the hang of it but the time investment was worth it. Thank you.”

"Fantastic! Thanks you!"


First you save comments into the report comment bank using codes for name, she/he etc. E.g.

#N has had an excellent year, I am very pleased with #h progress.

(where #N is the code for name and #h is the code for her/his).

Next you 'pick-and-click' comments for your reports. Codes are automatically replaced e.g.

Sophia has had an excellent year, I am very pleased with her progress.

To finish you can copy-&-paste reports into your school's system or another document.


Things like topic names and achievement levels vary so much that it's impossible for a comment bank to cover them all. You end up cut-&-pasting and mistakes creep in.

To make report writing much safer (and much faster), we've included a unique 'lists' feature. You can create lists of e.g. Art-Topics, Achievement-levels etc and use them like this:

I was very pleased with #N's work on the #Art-Topics project.

When used in a report, a drop-down list will appear, like this:

I was very pleased with Jack's work on the project.

Lists are easy to set up using the [My lists] tab

To help you further, bad spelling is underlined, the Ooops! Detective spots other problems and the Code Helper shows you which '#' codes you can use. It's fast and it's easy and your comments are stored online in your personal report comment bank, available 24/7, from home, from school, or wherever you are.


It's easy to make every report unique even if you start with just a few basic comments. Common words and phrases are clickable — 'Needs to'... can instantly become, 'should aim to'... or, 'would do well to'... or, 'should try harder to'... and many other choices. You can also click on student names and 'she/he', to toggle them — e.g. from 'Jack' to 'he', 'Sophia' to 'she', and vice versa.


Quickly import Teacher's Report Assistant comment files (1000s on the web), then take advantage of the advanced time-saving features of our free online report writer.


Produce fast, accurate reports on an Apple Mac, PC, iPAD or any other system with a web browser, using our free online report writer & comment bank app.

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7,000 registered users worldwide in first year.
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