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Mike Niehoff
Education Reformer and Student Advocate
Education Reformer and Student Advocate

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Educators Must Be Practioners
a student, did you ever have a teacher that could talk the talk, but did not
walk the walk?         Well, I’ll never
forget having on obese PE teacher in middle school.   I am not here to discredit someone for being obese.   Indeed, as an adult, I...

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A 21st Century Education For All - It's Now A Student Rights Issue
educational pedagogy has always been based on the constant attempt to look at every educational experience through a student’s perspective.   It could stem from my early background
as journalism/media professional or from my lifetime interest in ...

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Forced To Drink My Own Professional Kool-Aid
a student, and certainly as an educator, I have continually strived to be a
lifelong learner.   One of the few
advantages of getting older is the realization that one can and should continue
to learn.         And
as an educator who has focused more...

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     One of the more common goals/challenges that
emerges regularly in education is the subject of relevance.   Relevance is the idea of connecting
learning to things that matter.   And we know what matters to all of us are things that we can see,
connect a...

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What Is Learning? The Debate That Should Not Continue
        It seems that our nation, and possibly the world, are in the throws
of a debate of what education should look like and ultimately what learning
really is.   Granted, change is
always difficult.   And although it
seems education or learning should al...

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Commitment and Contribution - Two More C's That Need To Be Included
are more discussions than ever going on now in our society and culture about
what is learning, what is an education and what should students be doing in
school.   To me, there is no doubt
that the world is demanding different skills, advanced ty...

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Endings & Beginnings Force Reflection, Higher Levels of Learning
the time of graduations and school-year endings upon us, we are often found in
a state of reflection.   Whether
it’s educators completing another exhausting and challenging year - or students
moving on to new levels of education or new...

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    CHOICE is something that has not been a
traditional part of education.   Essentially, education operated top down.   Educators gave out information and learners took in the information.   Officials and institutions created
curriculum and dictated the in...

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Beyond the Standard Standards
I became a professional educator in 1990, there has been a focus on what we
teach.   Sometime it has been a
focus on what students should learn.   Either way, there has been an on-going discussion on what our students
should be doing while at sch...
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