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Just when you though it was safe to go back in the barren arctic tundra...

Return to White Hell in Holiday Heroes & Horrors 2: Holiday Horrorers! Featuring 10 all-new cold and survival-based spells and 6 all-new arctic monsters, including:

Ferocious Pine: A very mean tree
Blubber Golem: A pyromantic beast made of whale flesh.
Weribou: The fierce and ferocious were-caribou.
Snow Angel: A superplanar being of pure light.
Wooden Soldier: Stalwart soldiers made of wood.
Frost Zombie: Chilling undead minions of the Winter Lich.

And make sure to check out Holiday Heroes & Horrors for more arctic adventures.

#pathfinder   #dungeonsanddragons   #holiday   #monsters   #productrelease  
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From the company that brought you not one, but two types of giant barnacle. A giant toxic sponge!
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That’s right, Octopus Apocalypse has officially been in the business of providing fine products to savvy consumers for two whole earth years!

And that being the case, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the lovely folks who have supported Octopus Apocalypse over the last two years, plus all those who backed the Pixel Dungeon Kickstarter campaign, as well as all new and continuing supporters in the coming year. Without your support, all this nonsense wouldn’t have been possible… and even if it were possible, it would have been extremely pointless.

So for now, let’s keep looking forward to the infinite possibilities for the next year for Octopus Apocalypse.
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What's spookier than a ghost? A swarm of ghosts! Why am I so insistent on everything being spooky lately? Because it’s Octapoctober!

From the pages of 10 All-New Undead Monsters comes the phantasmagoria.

"A phantasmagoria is a whirling mass of more than 100 tiny ghostly entities. Each of these indistinct glowing orbs were originally full-fledged ghosts, but have since lost most their memories and power over centuries of unlife."

And as an added bonus, this free monster includes instructions for crafting a phantasmagoria miniature. That's right, a free monster and a crafts project all in one!

#pathfinder   #dungeonsanddragons   #ghost   #undead   #spooky   #monster  
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Behold mortals, the spookiest dungeonous octopus title yet!
10 All-New Undead Monsters

Inside you will find:

-Crawling Tongue—Giant and swarm.
-Sukoshinbutshu Mummy—the mummy that is also a monk.
-Phantasmagoria—Horrifying swarm of ghosts.
-Phantom Limb—Ghost limbs, an arm and a leg.
-Shrieking Crypt Skeleton—Quite possibly the loudest skeleton.
-Visceral Creeper—this ones pretty much what it sounds like.
-Electric Zombie—a zombie forged of science and magic.
-Cadaver Lantern—A zombie filled with murderous rage... like magical murderous rage.
-Slime-Vomiting Zombie—The zombie that fights with vomit.
-Tar Zombie—walking pile of dissolving flesh.

Plus 4 new feats, 3 new spells, and 2 additional insignificant monsters—so really it’s like 14 monsters for the price of 10, which is a deal.

#pathfinder   #zombies   #skeleton   #undead   #dungeonsanddragons  
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Behold mortals, ‘tis a monster of the free variety!

Regarded by arcane scholars as “possibly the most annoying creature that one may ever have misfortune of meeting,” due to their ability to absorb and regurgitate magic—not to mention their boundless enthusiasm and constant, high-pitched whooping—spell-suckers are as dangerous as they are irritating.

#pathfinder   #dungeonsanddragons   #monster  
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Coming this Oct(apoc)tober, 10 All-New Undead Monsters!

Bringing you 10 all-new monsters from beyond the grave, including:

Crawling Tongue
Shrieking Crypt Skeleton
Visceral Creeper
Electric Zombie
Slime-Vomiting Zombie
And many more!… well 5 more.
Plus spooky bonus content.

#pathfinder   #undead   #zombies   #spooky  
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Presenting the xoalt, an all-new shaggy, spindly-legged, life-draining, dimension-hopping, extraterrestrial creature for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! 

Also, last day to get 25% off all digital and 15% off all print-on-demand titles!

#monster   #pathfinder   #tabletopgaming   #dungeonsanddragons  
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Hey Look, It’s Some Kinda Sale!
More specifically the best kind of sale, one featuring Octopus Apocalypse products!
Now through July 30 2015 get 25% of all download titles and 15% off all print titles—which basically means Bananas!—on our DriveThruRPG page.

#pathfinder   #pfrpg   #paperminiatures   #sale  
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Who hasn’t had this situation?

Player: I’m going to put on the barrel as armor.
GM: I’m sorry. There are no rules for wearing a barrel as armor.
Player: Oh cruel fate! Is my character doomed to wander forever un-barreled?

Well, now all your dreams of barrel-clad heroes can come true… Well as many as can come true without implementing the BoEF.

#pathfinder   #dungeonsanddragons   #tabletopgaming  
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