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Dee Marie
Knock me down I get back up
Knock me down I get back up

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Just wanted to wish all my friends and family a Merry Christmas
love to all be safe

When you're lost and don't know where you begin to start picking up the pieces to put back together. So you just let yourself become lost even more. Emerge yourself with other things just so you don't have to face the broken pieces or the life you became lost in.

Some days I care what you think and others not so much guess what today not so much ... I will continue to be me so take me like I am 

The point in my life when I am not sure if I should give up or keep fighting

When you love someone
Love them for who they are not what you think they should be
Being willing to accept them including all their faults not just the good side
Not making them change their ways to yours
Being able to see their point of views and respecting that opinion
Always be honest as the truth is less painful then a lie will ever be
Say I love you because its such a great feeling to know you are indeed loved by someone however not just by your words but my your actions by doing something special just for them ex rub their back and feet, brush their hair, give a kiss or hug for no reason

Side note to this ... know that love might not be a 2 way street but respect should always be for if there is no respect there will never be no true love its all words and no action

Depression is something we fight on a daily base Sometimes a person can only handle it minute by minute Be kind to everyone you meet as you never know what that person is truly going through

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Just because a person does not confront you with the truth Dont think for a moment they dont know All that I will say to this is remember why you made that choice in the first place do you really wish to go through all that again You need to decide what is best for you in the long run look at the bigger picture not just today. Best of luck to you always JUST BE HAPPY 

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exactly we all love in our own special way  as long as you can feel that love from that one that is all that counts at the end of the day

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Creek by my place G put it together for me as i had 4 pics. Love it 
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