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I seem to have a problem with Whatsapp images:
Whenever I receive an image through Whatsapp, I get the notification in AcDisplay, but when I press it - nothing happens.  It's ignoring the fact that I pressed it.

When I unlock I can access it through the notification drawer without a problem.
Also, normal text messages work as expected: I press on them and it unlocks to Whatsapp and shows me the message.

I am using version 2.4 without active mode, as a lockscreen, with Xposed enabled on a nexus 5.

I have noticed that on some occasions, when I unlock the phone or when a notification arrives, that AcDisplay turns on with a blank (black) screen.

At first I thought it didn't wake the phone, but I noticed that when I touch and slide to unlock, I actually DO see the touch circle that turns into the lock symbol and unlock the phone OK.

This seems to happen the next unlock after a notification arrives.

Version 2.4 works great for me so far!
Music controls is something that prevented me from using it as a lockscreen so the new addition is welcome!

One thing that would make it absolutely perfect for me is to have some direct access to the camera from the AcDisplay lockscreen.

Keep up the great work!

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