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#SelflessSunday Theme on G+
Celebrating inspirational photography, and the generous people who give back to the G+ community!
Celebrating inspirational photography, and the generous people who give back to the G+ community!


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~ Port Orford Sunrise Storm ~

I woke up in Bandon on this particular morning to pounding pouring rain...I almost crawled back in bed but my gut instinct was that the weather was better south. I drove down to Port Orford in the pouring rain and then just as I pulled into the parking lot I could see these clouds break up behind me. As I made my way down the beach this crazy filtered light started doing it's thing. I shot here for about a half hour and then after the sun came up over the horizon the clouds started to dump some rain and a huge rainbow appeared...I may post that one next!!! This will be the last post on here until I can get some time to spend commenting and looking at all the amazing images you all are posting....I should have some free time this weekend. Thanks for looking and any comments, critiques or suggestions are always welcome on my images!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!

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Nice contribution to #SelflessSunday by +Morkel Erasmus
Morkel Erasmus
Shared publicly  -  Mar 3, 2013
Selfless Sunday - Koveh Tavakkol

Koveh's landscape photography is really awesome. Check it out, and add him to your circles if you dare.

Magical light and colour here, with a strong vertical composition.

Have a great night, folks!

PS: comments to Koveh's post please!

#selflesssunday  +#SelflessSunday Theme on G+ +

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Welcome!  Rules...
Welcome to this new community on Google+!  I'd like to expand the sharing of great photography on Google+, and to provide a community where people can stop by to browse the best photographs.  High quality photos only, please!
There are some simple rules to discourage copyright violators:
 - Must not be your photo
- Must not be a stolen (saved and re-uploaded) image.
- Only a legitimate "Share" of a photographer's post of their work will be allowed.  

In other words, if you're not using the Share feature, or if you're sharing a post someone made of someone else's work, it is not allowed in this community.  Copyright law is very simple: uploading another person's photo without their permission violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and related international treaties.

If you are not sharing the photographer's original post of their own photo, or a G+ Share of their original post (allowed due to G+ terms of service), your post will be deleted and you may be blocked and reported.

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+Alex Filatov has shared some excellent work and photographers for #SelflessSunday, and this photo by +Dave Bell is no exception.
On Hutton Pond  
 As the sun and thunderclouds spend the day playing hide-and-seek, her thoughts are focused on the patterns of RGB that flash on the screen, begging to be finessed and cajoled until colors and textures fall into place, coalescing into another masterpiece.
...but she is ever aware that the sun will soon tire of the game, and slip away for a rest...and as its retreat becomes imminent, she steps outside to bid the ducks, geese, the clouds...and the sun...another good night.  
   Just another day on Hutton pond.

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It's always a pleasure to see the excellent finds +Barbara Matthews comes up with for #selflesssunday , and this fine image form +Rob Dweck is no exception.  Thanks Barbara!
Remember When the Days Were Long
Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington, USA

As the sun nears the horizon towards the west, the contrast between light and shadow in the rolling hills of the Palouse is a photographers dream. With so many possibilities for amazing photographs, the sun will probably set before you can shoot them all. That's why you get up the next morning and do it all over again at sunrise.

For #RuralSaturday  by +Mario Cerroni and +linda stokes 
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show by +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +jeff beddow +Tom Hierl +Michael Blyde +Carolyn Lim  +Steve Gould +Jay Gould +Kevin Rowe +Dave Welling
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The work of +Didier Schumacher makes an excellent choice to share for #selflesssunday . Thanks +Antti Kuokkanen for sharing this with us!
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+Steve Mills is an excellent #SelflessSunday suggestion from +Mari Garris.
Evening light against darkened water gave me exactly the contrast I was looking for with these grass heads.

#monochromemonday #monochromeworld #monochromephotography
+Monochrome Monday 
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Thanks +Tiina Niskanen  for sharing the work of +Richard Valenti for #SelflessSunday!
On a recent visit to Yosemite the clouds were low and swirling among the mountains and Valley walls creating a very dramatic landscape setting just perfect for a Black & White conversion.
#landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins  #plusphotoextract  
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Thanks as always +Barbara Matthews!  Missed this somehow when it first went out.
Barbara Matthews Mar 11, 2012  -  Public
For +Jeffrey Sullivan 's +#SelflessSunday Theme on G+ #SelflessSunday . A gorgeous capture of the ever changing moods of Yosemite by +Emily Ford . Take a few moments to browse through her albums and as always please leave comments and +1s on her original post, thanks!
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