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Construction workers injured on SR-99 tunnel project
Read about four workers who suffered arm, neck and back injuries while working on the SR-99 tunnel project.

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Risk of concussions in soccer
Check out this article about a lawsuit that was recently filed against a number of soccer associations to get them to change some of the rules in the game. The lawsuit alleges that current rules expose players to a high risk of concussions. The proposed changes would allow for more substitutions so players could receive medical evaluations and for a limit on the number of times young players are allowed to head the ball.

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Increase in marijuana DUI arrests
Check out this article about how Washington’s legalization of marijuana has led to a significant increase in the number of DUI arrests in the state. While studies are conflicted about how dangerous marijuana use is during driving, most studies nonetheless agree that marijuana impairs decision-making skills and reaction times. While the spike in DUI arrests has so far not led to an increase in traffic fatalities, drivers should nonetheless exercise caution when dealing with other motorists on the road who may be impaired.
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