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Haters Gonna #ate..
Haters Gonna #ate..

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Finally renamed my account back to Rohan Arya :D 

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OGYoutube- Mother Of YouTube Application available forAndroid..!


Hello my younger bro recently changed my name to PANKAJ YADAV (his name) from my real name (ROHAN ARYA).. What can be done guys? I have a YouTube channel and some blogs.. :( Please help me to change my name..

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INAZUMA Kernel - Best Kernel for Moto G 2015
Moto G 2015 is still one of the most popular phones in India under Rs. 13,000 with great build quality and decent specifications. We do have companies like Xiaomi which are releasing new phones with killer specifications, but with poor optimizations and har...

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Download TWRP for Moto G 2015 & Install it!
TWRP recovery is the most famous recovery available for Android phones and Motorola is still selling well in India (lol, heater Redmi Note 3). The combination of both will be really cool, won't it? I myself have rooted my phone and installed TWRP recovery i...

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Helo.. This rom (and BlissPop) is having touch issues! I am really fed up of them... Idk if it's due to my Tempered Glass or ROM (most probably) ... It causes clicks while scrolling websites, opens apps while scrolling thru Recent Menus.. What i think is that the screen is 'over sensitive'.. Some members too faced it at XDA.. Pls help .. No one else is paying attention to it...:(

What's SlimDIM and where's it in settings?? How to use it? Thanks developer!

when I flashed OpenGapps on latest rom (coming from older build) i saw Setup Wizard fc and then i removed apk from TWRP.. After that Play Services fcs and all apps too which uses Gugle login. Then i gave play services permissions and reinstalled all Apps.. Then only it worked..

Please fix this issue.. It takes much time to do this after installing updates or don't format system while installing rom so that GApps stay there! :)

Alberto has fixed INVALID NUMBER.. Expecting same in this ROM too :D
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