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The ultimate problem this will cause is that you will lose the pipeline of star athletes and the US team will eventually be weaker.  You cannot reliably assume that stars will just continue to show up.  Track and Field is not the go to destination for top athletes any longer.  Without developing some of the future stars, the US will find itself in a crisis down the road when the medal count starts to drop.  It's unfortunate, but nothing will be done until there is a crisis.  I see this scenario played out again and again in other sports at a micro level.  Player development is usually at the bottom of the priority list.  
This is the week in which Nick Symmonds, a 31-year-old outdoorsman and entrepreneur from the Great Pacific Northwest, became more famous for not signing a piece of paper than he would ever have...
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We enjoy ourselves here every year. As you can see from some of the reviews, it's not perfect. So if you have a huge travel trailer and are real fussy, then you won't like it. Lots of areas to walk and hike. Great for kids. The bathrooms are fine, but again, if you're fussy you might not like them. It's above average, and worth it. But if you're looking for a pristine, perfect place that never has problems, this is not going to be for you.
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Definitely a good place for the money. I thought the rooms were clean & perfectly fine. The breakfast was a little lacking, but again, for the price, I wasn't expecting something awesome. The staff was also helpful and friendly. If you want luxury, this isn't it. If you want an inexpensive, but acceptable place to stay, I recommend it.
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