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A quick "how to" to demonstrate where the setting in Moodle is to enable students to access a course. #EdTech #Moodle  

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Please help Bill and his school if you can 😃
Our school is raising money for a digital maker space @RocketFundUK. Can you help, or know someone that can?
See our pitch here:
Every little helps - if you can, please donate and / or share!

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Please help Donna's school and students out with this amazing project... #edtech #stem #steam
Our Rocket Fund project is LIVE!!
Please help any way you can- sponsorship, shares, Tweets and mentions would all be greatly appreciated
Thank you

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Using an army of Peruvian taxies, a Raspberry Pi and some sensors, James Puderer is studying the air quality in the town of Lima, Peru.

Have you incorporated sensors into your Raspberry Pi projects? Tell us how in the comments below.

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I did a talk about mental health at PyConUK and you can find the video feed here

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Looking to deliver high impact and secure visual content? We've partnered with NEC Display Solutions & Screenly for an Ubuntu Core based digital signage platform leveraging Raspberry Pi CM3. Read more.

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New blog post - How to get #Chromium to use a proxy with your @Raspberry_Pi #CASChat #CompEdUK

This is the steps we have followed so that we can get our school Raspberry Pi computers to run behind our school proxy without too many issues: Configure an apt-cacher NG server to handle your apt-get updates – See this post for more details Whitelist the…

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New blog post: "Creating Animated GIFs with GIMP" #caschat #CompEdUK

Whilst creating some lesson slides in Google recently I wanted to add some moving images to the slides. You can see an example of one the slides I am talking about embedded below. It is a session that I delivered with Dan Aldred at the ExaBytes17…

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I have just updated my website with a page of lessons for Year 8 students covering Python and Turtle Art.
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