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These boys are my sons. If you're into rap/hiphop, I think you'll like this :)

Track #12 is my favorite!

Explicit Lyrics


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If you need a cool playlist for your St. Patrick's Day season, this is a good one :)

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Time Out for Gratitude
By Dana McClellan Because this is my soapbox and a place for me to express myself, I feel I'm within my right to get personal on occasion. Today I would like to express gratitude to the Creator of all things for loving me enough to bring me forth into this ...

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Time to get back to it ;)

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Tolstoy’s - The Death of Ivan Ilyich: Profound Insights on Death and Dying
LITERARY ANALYSIS BY DANA MCCLELLAN I can remember the first time I ever thought about death. I was very
young, six or seven maybe, but my thoughts were fixed on the fact that I would
be lying in a grave unable to breathe or exist or… anything… so dark and

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The Mind of Agnes Martin: Abstract Expressionist
Agnes Martin By Dana Gee McClellan At first, the decision to write about Agnes Martin came out of a desire to show respect for an old female artist who seemed to be in absolute agony. You see, after the first night of watching her on video in our Art Apprec...

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I can totally relate to this :)
Even tho 2 out of 3 of my boys have "left the nest."

#artforsanity   #metime  

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I thought this group might enjoy this artist.


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Hello! I thought this group might enjoy this artist :)


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Steve Vai Creates Guiness World Record for Worlds Largest Online Guitar Class
Podcast interview. WFNX's Fletcher and Henry discuss the upcoming "World's Largest Online Guitar Class" with Steve Vai. Steve Vai speaks in his usual confident manner about what he'll be going over in the "Berkeley Music" sponsored class conducted back on M...
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