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Taking +Tim Bray's redirects a bit further on my domain :

Twitter =

G+ =

Facebook =

The last in Facebook (you need to copy the text as it doesn't seem to create the full link) is the Unicode 'WHITE UP POINTING INDEX' (U+261D) - not sure how it will render and in fact whether anyone will ever enter it.

Any other characters for other networks?

I'm reading 100-year old search logs :)

#otlet #Mundaneum

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Kinda comforting for those who've left the old country...
If you feel a bit lost about the phone bugging scandal involving the News Corporation and the News Of The World, enjoy John Oliver as he explains it all. It's perhaps the best recap you'll ever see.

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Rediscovered recording I made of sound of 100 firefox 3 browser tabs re-opening (and several videos autoplaying). Visuals from back of a taxi to Boston airport...

Krafty Nacirema (multitasking mix)

It would be useful if you could use Circles both for targetting who a post was TO, as well as who else could SEE it. Like I might post a lot on technology, ... but not want to bore my non-tech friends on those topics, so I could target it TO 'Tech' (or eventually for some things, intersection of TECH and AMSTERDAM, for example).

However targetting isn't same as access control. Since we can publish long-form content here, there is value in it being public, eg. so it can be linked to from elsewhere, discovered in non-Google search engines, etc. But if I send a post TO public, I don't want it pushed by default into streams of my non-tech friends.

PROPOSAL: Pretty simple. Recycle concepts of "To:" and "Cc:" from email.

Those that a post is "To:", get it by default in their stream(s). Those who are "Cc:'d" can ... wait for it ... " see " ...the post. Erm, that's it. Maybe they can set their stream to include Cc:'s too, or look in Notifications, ... but basic idea is to allow email to train people to understand how it works. Anyone addressed directly (To:) or copied (Cc:) can read it. But those directly addressed get it more "in their face"; those merely copied get the less noisy version. Just like it should be in email...

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"Ghosts of Amsterdam"

Touching and unsettling, photos of wartime Amsterdam, overlaid on present-day image -

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Dallas is coming back! Dallas Intro with new Linda Gray

(this is how we learned about the US as kids :)

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Reading along with the Mission Profile for the Atlantis Launch.
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