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A modern visual brand.

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A new release of Circle is out! Changelog covers 39 new icons and 5 previous ones updated. You can either get it directly from GitHub (link below) or it should be landing in repos fairly soon.

For you Square users out there, thank you so much for your patience. We realise it's been a long time without news, but keep an eye out. We'll hopefully have something exciting for you by next week ;D

Following some feedback on the workflow we've decided to simplify. Now rather than having separate repositories for icons sources & build scripts they're both contained in one called "numix-core".

All this means for the average Joe is that icon requests now go here:

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A new version of Numix Circle is out! You can grab it at the link below or soon in a repo near you.

Fun fact though: because +Joshua Fogg is without their Linux machine at the moment, this build was released using the Windows Subsystem for Linux 😅

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Don't worry folks! While we're working away on things behind the scenes, we're still pushing out updates. We've just released out a new version of Numix Circle which should be pushed out to users over the coming days.

The release notes are pretty long but they can be read at your pleasure from the link below. Hope you're all doing well!

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What are your thoughts on the current Firefox icon design?
238 votes
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Meh 🤷
I hate it 😠
I love it! 💙
Meh 🤷
I hate it 😠

We're in the process of changing the way we build our app icons themes (Circle, Square, etc) so bare with us while we straighten ourselves out. We're hoping that the new system will lead to faster development and faster updates for you folks too. More updates to follow!

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With only a few of you using Bevel and no new icons since becoming an independent theme, we've decided to remove it as an independent repo on GitHub. It can still be found as a release to Numix Circle at the link below :)

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Curious, how many of you still use Numix Bevel?

Since it's had no development since it became a community maintained theme we were thinking of just making it available as a tag in the development history of Numix Circle.
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I do!

A message to those commenting on GitHub issues:

If you want to +1 an issue, please do so via GitHub reactions rather than adding a new comment. Doing the latter just cloggs up the issue tracker and makes it difficult to filter through what's been going on.

So far we've been giving warnings and time for people to convert their +1 to reactions, but from now any such comment will be removed as spam without warning.

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We now how bounties posted on the following single icon issues:

* Hearthstone ($6, issue #2137)
* XSensors ($6, issue #2940)
* The Stanley Parable ($5, issue #2659)

Fancy a crack at any of them? Head over to GitHub, crack open Inkscape, and claim your prize!

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