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AL and Paladin Oaths

I've got a potential player asking about the paladin oath and how much of it is actually considered "rules" that he has to follow. Basically, he wants to have the Oath of Devotion mechanics without the Tenets.

I've told him that he needs to be careful with that, as each table and DM may have a different ruling on it. Be upfront, ask, and if a DM says no, be prepared to play with a backup character.

But that brings me to a very interesting follow-up question: What happens when a paladin actively breaks their oath in AL?

Do they lose their class levels and it's written on the Logsheet? Do they gain access to the DMG Oathbreaker paladin (which as far as I know isn't allowed in AL)?

Now, if they're level 5 or under, it's kind of irrelevant, as they can "remake" their character after each adventure. But what about at level 6+? What happens?

Would you as a DM enforce the loss of Oath abilities written on a Logsheet from another DM? Or can a paladin flat out ignore the tenets because there is no consequence game to game?

What exactly happens in this scenario?

Do you adjust difficulty mid-game if the number of PCs change?

For example, say you have a group that rates "Average" Party Strength. Then a PC dies. That reduction of PCs would make the party "Weak." Would you change the difficulty for the remaining encounters in the adventure?

Would your answer change if a Player had to leave the game early or if you added a new player a quarter of the way into the game and it increased the Party Strength to "Strong"?

What do you do as a GM?


What's the design philosophy behind limiting AL to the PHB plus one additional book?

There was an interesting discussion on the forums speculating why this decision was made, and I'm curious as to the real reasons the designers made this choice. What were their thoughts behind making this decision?

How do you handle pick pockets in AL?

I'm running DDEX 2-6 in a PBP game, and the party rogue wants to pick the pockets of the nobles in the opening scene.

Can it even happen? Would his spoils be a part of group loot? If he gets caught, is he out of the adventure (brand new 1st levek character, and none of the other PCs know him).

How would you rule this?

Does inspiration travel across modules? Not all of my player's used their inspiration. Would they keep it for the next time they play?

Or should I recommend that they use it up while they have it?


First time AL DM here, and I have some questions.

I bought some modules randomly to see what they're about and what the guidelines are for running them and came across some oddities.

In DDEX2-11 Obliette of Fort Iron (level 1-4), it says that PCs may know a certain NPC if their character has played through one or more of three other modules (Page 6). However, two of those modules listed (2-6 and 2-9) are both for Levels 5-10. How would a PC have run through a higher level adventure before they run through a lower level adventure.

I looked up both of those modules, and they both say (on the same page; Page 2 for both) that if a PC falls outside of the level range, they are ineligible to play this module AND if a player has an ineligible PC, they can make a new Level 1 PC to play the module (which is outside the level range). Can level 1 PCs play in the level 5-10 modules? The modules say you both can and cannot.

What are the guidelines for this?
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