Grothendieck and J.D. Salinger

It's hardly original to call Grothendieck the Pynchon or Salinger of mathematics (read for example Sam Leith's 'the Einstein of maths', yet the biography  of J.D. (, a new-year's present from my father) almost reads like a copy/paste of A.G.'s life...

- both were damaged by WW2 experiences
- both opted out at the height of their success 
- both kept on writing in seclusion
- both are said to have left a secret treasure
- both left a trail of failed relationships (wives, lovers and children)
- both turned to religion
- both had dietary problems
- etc. etc.

Try to substitute 'Grothendieck' for 'Salinger' (and 'EGA' for 'Catcher in the Rye') in this trailer of the documentary film on which David Shields and Shane Salerno's book is based...

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