derping around with FAE a little and thought that this system was perfect for doing an Elcric game. stated up the white wolf himself, and i'dbe interested in seeing what others think of this interpretation.

Elric, the last Emperor of Melnibone
High Concept: Elderitch anti-hero.
Trouble: Damned and deserves it.
Forceful: 4
Clever: 4
Sneaky: 3
Careful: 1
Quick: 1
-- Aspects
Sorcerer of Chaos
Weak blooded
"asshole" would be an understatement
-- Stunts and Extras
Summoner (+2 to Clever when setting up advantages by summoning spirits and striking bargans)
Last Emperor of Melnibone (once per session elric can demand assistance from any other native melnibonians who still respect his status)
---Stormbringer, the hell sword.
Sword aspect: Soul drinker
Sword aspect: material incarnation of evil
Sword Aspect: thrives on violence
+2 to forceful attack roles when wielding the sword. counts as weapon: 4
+2 to forceful defense roles when wielding the sword. .
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