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Finished off the convention with games if Mage Knight (my seventh game) and my second game of Vanuatu. Both were quite fun. The game I played at the airport, Martian Dice was far less interesting and is something I think can only be vaguely be called a game. I ended up giving it away at the airport. Luckily it was a door prize so no big deal.

I should be doing a big blog post on the convention after I get back. Besides that, I expect that most of my google plus updates shall be focused back on local matters like food trucks, movies, and other such things that entertain me, so If you added me for gaming discussion, expect the amount to go down a bit

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Re: Martian Dice. I hate nongames. My mom bought me a Shut The Box for my birthday this year. :/
I looked at the bits for Martian Dice and it seemed to at least have some level of decision-making, though not as much as other push-your-luck games. Maybe it needs a house rule that if all of your dice are used, your turn continues.
It does have some decision making, they are simply the same decisions over and over again. Of course this is almost certainly not a game I would have ever liked (as a game purely about rolling dice) which readers should keep in mind. 
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