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Daniel Hugo
Truth seeking, Tech wielding, Frugal spending, Trail running, Acoustic listening
Truth seeking, Tech wielding, Frugal spending, Trail running, Acoustic listening

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Hi! How do I disable the video backup? 

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Another week, another lesson learned. What gear do you take on short, but cold trail runs?

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Lesson 4 | Brrr!
Icy. That’s what hit me when I got out of the car at event number
three of the Trail Series . I walked to the registration and coffee van in two
layers, with a scarf. It was the Winter Trail Series after all. Even though the
sun is up the air is still icy. ...

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Proof that lack of gear isn't an excuse
I came across this Facebook album , by Marcos Ferro , who photographed the 80km trail run,   Ultra Caballo Blanco . Ultra Caballo Blanco | Copyright Marcos Ferro It just proves, you can't use "not having the gear" as an excuse to start trail running. ;-) He...

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A new blog post on my trail running adventures. Please comment how you approach extreme up-hills and down-hills.

Lesson 3 | What goes up...

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Lesson 3 | What goes up...
The second event in the Trail Series was at the venue where
my very first trail run was. I was psyched, as I remembered the route from the
previous time, but I still went to study the map. As I studied the map it
dawned on me that either my map reading skil...

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A new blog post as promised. Please share your experiences.

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Lesson 2 | Know The Route
Shockingly, it took me a year after my first trail run to
return to the dust and rock single track awesomeness that is trail running.
This time round a good friend was training like a machine for the Gauteng Winter Trail Series . It consists of four events ...

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Star Struck
On Saturday morning I woke up at 6:00. Not great for a weekend, but I was happy to feel rested and getting into an earlier rhythm. Still lying in bed, I checked my Facebook, and saw that a new parkrun was starting that day and it was nearby. Keen for a chan...

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Have a look at the lessons I've learned during my trail adventures and share yours with me.
Weekly updates!

Lesson 1 | First Trail Run
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