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Kerry Harrison
IT Geek & Avid Tabletop Gamer
IT Geek & Avid Tabletop Gamer


#10RPGs that have been influential to me (in order I encountered them):

1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
2. Gamma World
3. Traveller (Classic & Mega)
4. Champions
6. Traveller: The New Era
7. Modern20
8. Savage Worlds
9. Dungeon World
10. Castles & Crusades
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Anyone know of an online die roller that will work with the Pip System?

Is anyone using the 13th Age ruleset available for Fantasy Grounds?

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Since Google is shutting down G+, anyone interested in a Houston RPG group over on MeWe?

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Since Google has decided to shut down G+, I've created a new Fantasy Grounds group over on MeWe:

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+Steven Black will DramaScape's community be moving over to MeWe like most of the other G+ RPG communities are doing?

There's a Savage Worlds group on MeWe:

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Not sure how many of y'all like beer or wine, but would anyone be interested in getting together some evening at this place in Spring Branch and chat about RPGs over some Texas craft beer or hill country wine?
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