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Reanimate Your Imagination
Reanimate Your Imagination


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Get great world building and other books right now for 10% OFF THROUGH JULY 4TH! Everything at Storybones Publishing is on sale through the holiday, so you can pick up entertaining reads and useful world building info for the holiday weekend and beyond. Use coupon code JULY4 on checkout.
World Building Books:
Happy Holidays!
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It's finally here! The Gazetteer Writer's Manual by myself and Bruce Heard (who masterminded many a Mystara gazetteer) - the ONE book to have if you want to document a fictional setting and introduce others to it easily. Great for writers as well as game designers. Special intro discounts will go away in a few days, so check it out now while you can get a deal:

If you’re ever asked any of these questions, this book is for you:
* I still need to develop parts of my world so I can present the right info to my readers. What should I be working on?

* How do I organize all my world building stuff so it makes sense to readers (and myself)?

* How do I present my material in a way that’s easy for people to get into?
Players never read the background info I give them about my game world.

* How can I get them to absorb the bigger picture or even important details for immediate objectives?

* How can I share the world beyond my short story or novel with interested readers?

On Sale Now.  Get a terrific deal with book bundles and bonus gifts, too! Check out the offer links here: #fictionwriting #worldbuilding #rpgs #fictionalworlds
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