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OK, it's today.
Analogue Friday.
This is real.

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“Dear Friends.
Please join me.
I want to become more open and free, with a more distributed identity.
So if you would like to take a break from yourself and speak and act as me instead, please drop me a personal email.
If I trust you I will send you my password and you can start expressing me.
Can't wait! 
Karen Blissett 
Open, Free, Public and Distributed at last.”

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From Dangerous Minds. Blew my dangerous mind.

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Today, our annual trend report is made available to the world, in synch with CeBIT. Also, do not miss the Mediated Futures report released today!

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Of "Rasoumovsky" (Quartet No.9 Op.59 No.3), the English musicologist Gerald Abraham wrote in 1942 that it was

"an atonal fog from which not a single thematic idea emerges".

And that quote was from a favourable review.

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Gingerbread Data Center: NSA & Sweden Eat Cake

That old Christmas feeling! Makes me think of the Residents' Gingerbread Man.
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