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Muhammed Aslam
Creation of Almighty God. (Thanking him)
Creation of Almighty God. (Thanking him)
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Laravel homestead and vagrant-hostsupdater - Automate the hosts file updation in windows for your next homestead project!
Lets configure homestead.rb to update hosts file using hostsupdater plugin.
in case if you have not yet added this plugin, run vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater from your command prompt. Open homestead.rb file in your favorite text editor. Find th...

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LARAVEL 5.2 - Using username instead of email in default auth scaffold
In laravel 5.2, you can use php artisan make:auth command to generate default auth scaffold. And you will be able to use laravel's default auth system, which using email and password as credentials. Now, you want to use " username " instead of " email " in ...

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Drupal forgot password for admin - best method to reset with PHP file. (If you have FTP Access)
You have forgot your Drupal website's password! That's horrible. But dont worry, we have a better way to reset password if you have access to your files. If you remember / have access to the admin email, its OK you can reset by going to forgot password page...
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