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Incoherently inane. Um...where's my martini, please?
Incoherently inane. Um...where's my martini, please?

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New & improved Twitter...? Thanks, all, for sharing, all day. Sad for the lives lost in Oslo.

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Lovely dental-work - reminds me of growing up in the U.K.
PS: Val Kilmer might have copyright issues - needs the $$, but likely not on G+, or drunk-updating his stream? :-)
Google says TechCrunch can't have a G+ account, so they sent their intrepid reporter "Techathew Chruncherin" to represent the blog.

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Commendable. :-)
Here is a quick update on Google+ and businesses:

A few weeks ago we mentioned we would be doing a test of business profiles and asked people interested to apply. Believe it or not we actually had tens of thousands of businesses, charities, and other organizations apply to take part from all over the world. Many of you have reached out to me personally through Google+, e-mail, chat, and even other Googlers. Thank you. Your response has been humbling.

With so many qualified candidates expressing intense interest in business profiles, we've been thinking hard about how to handle this process. Your enthusiasm obligates us to do more to get businesses involved in Google+ in the right way, and we have to do it faster. As a result, we have refocused a few priorities and we expect to have an initial version of businesses profiles up and running for EVERYONE in the next few months. There may be a tiny handful business profiles that will remain in the meantime solely for the purpose of testing how businesses interact with consumers.

In the meantime, we ask you not to create a business profile using regular profiles on Google+. The platform at the moment is not built for the business use case, and we want to help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Doing it right is worth the wait. We will continue to disable business profiles using regular profiles. We recommend you find a real person who is willing to represent your organization on Google+ using a real profile as him-or-herself.

All of us on the Google+ effort are delighted by your engagement with this project - thank you all for taking the time to apply and offer such incredibly useful feedback. Keep it coming!

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Um..warm day here...!

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Rather belatedly (meant to post this earlier, sorry) - Nice job, and a first by Time Warner, CNN & HLN. :-) CNN, HLN Now Available For Streaming Online… Caveat: If You Are a Paying Cable Customer.

Google+ App for iPhone Available - hard to find in App Store - may be easier to locate link online, and email to yourself (get the updated version). Will NOT Install on iPad. Makes you wonder why.

+Julie Smith =Pretty Awesome. Please include in your circle for sweetness, compassion & wisdom. :-)

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Awesome blog for everything you ever needed to know about G+. :-)

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Perry & Mauro, congrats. Pretty awesome site, and thrilled that there's chatter about it now on Plus. :-) . #MullenUnbound
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