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Cory Tucker
Cory Belisarius King Tucker --- "Frog blast the ventcore"
Cory Belisarius King Tucker --- "Frog blast the ventcore"
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My debut LP as MetaMorphosys: "Out Of The Picture" is finally released after a whole year in production...

Thank you for your support!

So yeah, I figured out who has been hacking me. they did it again a bit ago, ignore any unauthorized changes, folks

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Happiness is knowing that you have to take the Photoshop CS4 certification test....
...But you already did it in web design because you didnt want the flash certification. Also, this.

So I went to see a dentist.
( +Erin Rusty Swinson knows my bad tooth)
I got away without any procedure.
... I need a root canal .


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just gonna put this out here...

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I give you... The greatest laptop of all!
+Erin Rusty Swinson , this is probably the only one that WON'T try to kill/maim you with defects and blasts of incliment heat XD

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Because Ministry can't and have never made an album better than "Twitch" (which isn't white trash heroin junkie metal), naturally any live recording of them in 1986 is pure kick-ass gold! However, all of the existing uploads of the entire bootleg were deleted from the internet (FUUUUUU-).
BUT FORTUNATELY, a kind soul actually uploaded the whole damn thing to YouTube.
Cory=A very happy boy

Also, the guy deleted all of my youtube subscriptions and subscribed only to a my little pony channel.

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Thanks trolling asshole who hacked my account. I apologize especially to +Erin Rusty Swinson who was harrassed and +Tyler Martin who had to see that shit.

Oh god another "Slender" game.
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