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The network is down at work.

Upside: Perfect excuse to slack off. 

Downside: Can't load any of my favorite websites because the network is down.

How to not spend your Friday: crashing the primary file server.

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Hmm, maybe I should sue the IRS.

I walked past an iphone pre-order line and felt smug for a second but then i realized that if it was a new Google nexus I would be standing there as well. 

I think I have West Nile and right before PAX too, this teh suxors.

I'm not crying, I just have a piece of moon dust in my eye. RIP Neil Armstrong.

Last night I had a dream about having dream. Inception is real!

That moment when you realize jalapeno nachos were a bad idea.

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Who's got two thumbs and broke the DNS for one of our directory servers? This guy.
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