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Daily Quick Sketch: Three Lilttle Kittens
During the weekends, I've been playing around with developing characters for a story idea I've had for the past few years. In this tale, I use characters from the classic Nursery Rhyme the Three Little Kittens, and I want to develop a unique style. I wanted...

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Ramblin' On: Digital Artwork vs Physical Artwork
Ah, the conflicts between digitally and physically drawing. Personally, I never liked to paint. Painting is punishing when you are unsure of your  finished  image. This is the reason I think most paintings are portraits, landscapes or still life; they are u...

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Touching up my Batman cartoon for a shirt.
This is an image I did in black & white for Inktober awhile ago. I started to color it and adjusted the image so that it can be printed on several different color shirts. I already had this on RedBubble as a shirt, but after ordering a dark t-shirt I found ...

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Daily Quick Sketch: Old LB pencil sketch found, redrawn and colored
Did a quick color comp of one of my oldest characters, LB, based on an old sketch that fell out of a sketchbook. I don't remember why I sketch LB in this pose, but I enjoyed doing a quick image of the character again. It's been awhile since I drawn this cha...

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Quick Sketch: Mouse with Cheese
Here's a quick 5-minute sketch using pen and markers. Again, no rhyme or reason for why I did this, just feeling around for a character. Once I fleshed him out as a mouse, I added the cheese in hand - 'cuz - mice like cheese? Very fast sketch of a mouse hol...

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Sketching process: Football Player (and a lil' turtle)
Had this sketch on my tablet for some time, never finished it until now. Why I drew this is beyond me. Sketching is often just exploring new ideas. Looking for new ways to draw things. Perhaps this image was inspired by the last Superbowl game . . . though ...

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Concept Design: Furry Pet Costumes 2016
So here are a few pet costumes I designed for PetSmart Halloween 2016. PetSmart was looking for furry creature costumes. That made me think of doing something similar to the way that Muppet-like monsters are made. Original concept designs submitted for crea...

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Daily Sketch Challenge: Mr Freeze
Those familiar with this blog know I often do daily sketches for sites like Illustration Friday or events like Inktober and Goblin Week. On the site, there is a group of artists that sketch a quick 30-minute image based on the topic of the da...

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Happy New Year 2017?
Whoa, it's been some time since I posted here. I still have the last week of Inktober 2016 images to post here. (Now where did I put those images? . . . ) Anyway, one of my popular images for this time of year are the Baby New Year images. So this new, I th...

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Inktober 2016: Slow (#23 of 31)
For some reason, I immediately thought of my prior Inktober image for Day11's  TRANSPORT when I saw the word for Day23 was SLOW . My thought was to have Elmer the elf suffer again. This time Elmer has to transport back from the location he was going to on D...
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