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I think I have reached the point where the overwhelming majority of people adding me to their circles are people I have never heard of. And I'm not famous.
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Yeah, I'm getting tons of unknowns now too, unless I don't recognize their IRC nick or whatnot.

At least when I view their profile page, they seem to be Linux & open source geeks for the most part, so I don't think most spammers (although I did get a couple of those already).
maybe you're really famous but don't know you're famous? I've seen lots of spots...
Yeah same here. Some make sense as there are similar interests but I'm not totally sure how they found me. 
Likewise. It's much more like Twitter followers than I had initially suspected.
it was your "cloud" talk at SELF this year that put you on the social fame map.
I have the same 'problem' even people who add me with no other people in their circles I know :x
As for myself I've subscribed to a lot of Fedora folks yourself included.
I was added by a landscaping company yesterday. It's to bad really. Blocked them right away though 
I don't really care who follows me. as long as they are up for some brain washing ;-)
I'm noticing the same thing and I'm even less famous than you. :-)
I guess I'm one of the persons you don't know...
I'm a Fedora packager; that's where I know you from. G+ allows to organise development well better than IRC, I believe.
just face it; you'r famous. Time to pick up a Cadillac Escalade with 24 inch wheels playboi
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