"Ladies and gentlemen, the Bronx is burning," uttered Howard Cosell during the live broadcast of a '77 World Series game at Yankee Stadium. He was referring to a raging fire that broke out uncomfortably close to the stadium during the game.

I read this book during my vacation last week and loved it.

As a Yankee fan growing up in New York, reading the book was pure nostalgia. It covered not only the topsy turvy '77 season for the Yanks, but also the larger happenings in and around New York City: the power outage and looting, the serial killer (Son of Sam), the mayoral race (Beame, Abzug, Koch and Cuomo) and the media (Daily News, NY Post, Village Voice, New York magazine).

If you grew up in New York during the late 70's, check out this book.
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