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Well that's handy!

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I am super excited about this! I hope it has a good launch with reasonably good software. I have been waiting for something like this for a while.

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These guys do some interesting tests, this one is neat.
A fun and timely reminder that our words influence others.  Highly recommended.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have a service provider client looking for a strong network engineer in Idaho. If anyone knows someone who might be interested please let me know!

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For less than $10.00 (as of this writing) you can get a good group of games. Civ 5 is a favorite of mine.

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This is pretty neat. I see my son spending some time on this in the coming days!

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If your into gaming, or even if your not and your willing to support my friend, please follow his companies G+ page.
Hey everyone I need to make another request for my game page +Battleschool. I'm trying to get a custom URL for Battleschool but G+ isn't allowing it. I think if I get to 30 followers I'll be eligible for the custom URL. If you're willing to support me and my game please put Battleschool in your circles.

Thank you

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Today in Geek History: Do you feel that tingle in the air? Happy National Static Electricity Day!

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LOL, had an issue on our Google TV where it was producing an AIP-701 when we would try to play titles. This totally worked! Contra will forever live on... :)
The Super Secret Netflix Reset Code

Is up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-up-up-up-up which is a variation of the Konami Code. Seriously. It makes me laugh.

I was consistently getting the error aip-701 from the Netflix app on my Logitech Google TV. The code allows you to deactivate and reactivate Netflix on the device, and after some searching saw that it was working on things such as the Playstation and Samsung Blu-ray players, decided to give it a try myself.

Magic. Netflix now works again.
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