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More people seeing the Magic of Google Plus Hangouts on Air...

More and more people seem to be starting to see the value (what I call 'Magic') of Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA). Check out this write-up on Forbes.

A quote: Just imagine this:  a video chat service where an unlimited number of people can join your conference. For free.

Then another one: That’s what Google+ Hangouts On Air does.  It’s like having a giant TV studio to broadcast to the world…from your office.

The author also states some things that many have struggles with (including himself and the team helping him apparently): ...And you’ll miss some of the other features that many presentation services offer like sending automatic reminders and providing statistics. ...when comparing it to 'other webinar services'. 

Apparently they did not know (as many do not) that the Google+ Events tool is a great place to 'hold' a webinar using a HOA. Or course if you do it wrong, then it is a horrible place to hold a webinar as well. (see for help).

If you do it correctly, the Event Tool will send out Automatic Reminders to the guests that say they want to attend (aka 'registrants')... and you can see who went (or say they did) as well as which people were most engaged due to their comments and reshares etc.

But I certainly agree that Google Plus Hangouts may Change the Webinar world once people start to see the possibilities.

Check out a mini-series I and a friend did to demonstrate how Presentations can be done via Hangouts or HOA We did the demonstration in a Webinar fashion inside an Event. Here's the Event link including 3 videos and comments:

h/t: +Anneliz Hannan for the find.
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