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Richard Rackham

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A DIY Website - A good option?

With little money to invest, small businesses and especially startups try to save money – so are the website designer solutions a good alternative to a web developer or spending time on a site? Experience shows that the results may not be what you hope and expect.

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Why do I need a business website?

The strategy for a business website is that it should attract prospects and begin the process of turning them into customers, but many businesses have, or have had, a website that just sits there. No one sees it, so no one is led from the business website to the business. Research has shown that 90% of purchases are made following online research and, even when in a bricks and mortar shop, customers will research the item in front of them and buy elsewhere if they find a better offer. So is the question “do I need a businesses website?” or is it “can I afford not to have a business website?”
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